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The Corner Alchemist
NYT > Halloween - Oct 23, 2014
In Brooklyn, real-life good witches are concocting friendly brews for public consumption.


Where The Word "Cosplay" Actually Comes From
Takahashi's cosplay article appeared in the June 1983 issue of My Anime (above). It covered the fans who dressed up as manga and anime characters from the Comiket convention in Tokyo. The article featured an array of cosplayers in elaborate costumes: ...
Hyper Japan returns to Olympia this November with the Christmas MarketThe Fan Carpet

International Business Times

Halloween Costumes 2014: Kids Go For 'Frozen,' 'Ninja Turtles' Over ...
International Business Times
A girl wearing a witch costume crosses a street after a Halloween party in Little Miami in 2006. Reuters. Get ready for a “Frozen” Halloween. No, not weather-wise. Millions of children are expected to dress up as Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and snowman ...
Google predicts this year most common Halloween costumesIrish Examiner
Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Kids and AdultsLatin Post
Clicks On Google Search Ads Show Elsa Is Tops, While Mr. Blobby Ranks ...Search Engine Land
Inyo RegisterThe i100Rock Hill Daily


The Chicago Tylenol Murders of 1982 Could Be Why You Dress Up for Halloween
According to some in the costume industry, this is a trend that began back in 1982. That was the year the Halloween party really started to take off. On Sept. 29, 1982, people began dying in one of the deadliest unsolved mysteries of the 20th century ...

Crave Online

Exclusive New York Comic Con Video: The Big Ass Weapons of Cosplay
Crave Online
But there are trends even within cosplay. At New York Comic Con, the CraveOnline video team couldn't help but notice all of the Big Ass Weapons that the cosplayers brought to this year's show. In comics, anime and video games, the fictional heroes and ...

Business Insider

The Hottest Pet Halloween Costumes This Year
Business Insider
The pet Halloween costume business is booming, with consumers expected to spend some $350 million to dress up their pets, according to the NRF. Earlier this year, we stopped by the trendy James Hotel in SoHo, New York for a dog Halloween fashion ...
Halloween Costumes for PetsWBAL Baltimore
Americans Spend Obscene Sums on Halloween Costumes for PetsNew York Magazine
Halloween pet costumes help double store

The Stir

10 Cosplay-Inspired Costumes for the Daring Mom (PHOTOS)
The Stir
cosplay costume You know who always has the BEST costumes at Halloween? Cosplay kids. In case you're not familiar, Cosplay is a kind of role-playing subculture in which people dress up like certain characters. It's short for "costume play," in fact.

The Week Magazine

Girls on Film: It's time to push back against 'sexy' costumes for girls
The Week Magazine
In recent years, the Halloween costume industry has pushed 'sexy' costumes that hurt boys and girls alike. Enough is enough. By Monika Bartyzel | October 17, 2014. Cady didn't get the memo about turning her "ex-wife" costume into a "sexy ex-wife" costume.

Autumn Is in the Air, but for Marketers, Christmas Has Already Begun
NYT > Halloween - Oct 16, 2014
In the last few years, Christmas campaigns have started earlier as retailers and marketers, worried about an uncertain economy, seek to gather their rosebuds — and holiday shopping dollars — while they may.


Cosplay Is Not Consent: The People Fighting Sexual Harassment at Comic Con
“I had to physically stop two people from putting hands on me," said Alana Leilani. Dressed as Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, she described one of many harassments she experienced at last year's New York Comic Con. “One stopped after I pushed ...
WGTC 2014 New York Comic-Con Cosplay GalleryWe Got This Covered
The Comic Book World Is Getting Safer for Women, But the Gaming World IsnTIME
NYCC 2014: Best of Cosplay Part FourScience Fiction
Bleeding Cool News -Geeks of DoomComic Book Resources

No, The Rise Of Cosplay Is Not A Bad Sign For The U.S. Economy
Let me get this out of the way first: I don cosplay. But I think James Pethokoukis writing at The Week was pretty far off when he wrote that the rise of cosplay is a bad sign for the U.S. economy. Jim looked at Japan, which has suffered from a long ...

Five Reasons Why Halloween Sucks Right Now
Westword (blog)
No kids wear homemade Halloween costumes anymore, which pulls a huge chunk of enterprising spirit out of the holiday -- but even worse, the store-bought costume industry is turning tykes into Vegas strip-club performers. Now adults are following suit,

It’s Alive! And It Grows Into a Jack-o’-Lantern
NYT > Halloween - Oct 13, 2014
With the strangely shaped “pumpkinstein,” a California farmer found a way to carve himself a piece of the $7 billion in business Halloween now generates.

San Diego Reader

Cute, not crass
San Diego Reader
#Every fall, the costume industry rolls out a fresh crop of sexified costumes for the ladies that range from the unintentionally hysterical to the downright absurd. #Skimpy is fine, but a lack of creativity is not. Just because the Family Guy is a ...

Halloween 2014: Top 10 Most Popular Costumes In The DC/Maryland/Virginia ...
The Viking invasion has taken the costume industry by surprise. Thanks to a popular show on the History Channel, Viking costumes are more in demand than they have been in years. Viking costumes are going fast, and we have had to reorder Viking helmets

This Sexy Halloween Costume Does Not Need to Exist, But It Does — PHOTO
Bustle (satire) (press release) (registration)
I don't know why or how this Halloween costume exists, mostly because I don't think I'm at the level where I can understand such insanity. Just like the sexy Olaf costume inspired by Frozen, and that sexy Sherlock costume, the Halloween costume ...

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