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Halloween Creeps In Where Local Tradition Ruled the Living and Dead
NYT > Halloween - Oct 31, 2014
As Mexicans prepare for the annual observance commemorating departed ancestors, they are also debating the influence of Halloween on the holiday.

Meet Houston 7-year-old horror cosplay legend in the making
This was his first venture into cosplay. 7-year-old Jordan Alexander Pinella is a second grade student in Houston that. Photo By Stephanie Garcia. 7-year-old Jordan Alexander Pinella is a second grade student in Houston that is already a die-hard ...


9 Most Popular Hollywood-Themed Halloween Costumes: From 'Frozen' to ...
Hollywood movies have traditionally been a major source of inspiration for Halloween costumes and 2014 is no different. Between “Frozen,” “Maleficient,” and a score of beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, the studio holding the most sway over ...

First Coast News

Most popular Halloween costumes of 2014
First Coast News
Our scariest reporter takes a look at the most popular Halloween costumes this year. "The movie industry governs the costume industry. So Maleficent is very big, Frozen is off the charts for children and adults," said Make Believe Costumes owner Julie ...

New Scrutiny on Sweets With Ascent of Marijuana in Colorado
NYT > Halloween - Oct 30, 2014
A Denver marijuana-store owner and the police teamed up for a video warning parents that the drug can mimic Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers and gummy bears.
A vindication of the rights of Halloween costumes - Brock Press
"costume industry" - Google News - Oct 29, 2014

E Canada Now

A vindication of the rights of Halloween costumes
Brock Press
In most recent years, the costume industry, specifically during Halloween, has been advertising the need for girls in their early teens and beyond to have costumes with sex appeal. This marketing approach has in turn changed the way young people think ...
Halloween Costume Ideas? What About Ebola Nurse CostumeE Canada Now

feel like a force no one can stop": How cosplay empowers women
Cosplay, or costume-play, allows women to channel what is sexy and powerful and brilliant about their favorite heroes by dressing up as them. Cosplayers can find room to embrace their bodies and themselves — and in the process, they build a community.

Huffington Post

Here's Proof That Tween Girl Halloween Costumes Are Way Too Sexed-Up
Huffington Post
I've been writing about inappropriately sexy tween and teen Halloween costumes for years, but now that my daughter is actually old enough to wear some of them, the subject really hit home -- particularly when I began comparing the child and tween ...

The Chocolate Halloween Candy in the Trick-or-Treat Bag
NYT > Halloween - Oct 29, 2014
Not only are chocolate makers getting more creative with ingredients, they are also experimenting with packaging by embracing “the smorgasbord effect.” (Article plus video.)

Fin: Farewell Boardwalk, wrestling skews older and secrets of the sexy ...
Loved the ending of Boardwalk Empire. Loved it. And stuck the landing so well that it's going to improve the show's legacy. Even if the guy playing the Young Nucky Thompson- perfect voice notwithstanding- looked a lot more like Adam Carolla ...

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