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The Channeling of Secondary Scares
NYT > Halloween - Oct 25, 2014
Halloween programming next week extends even to the Weather Channel, Animal Planet and PBS Kids.


9 DIY Halloween Costumes to Save You from Breaking the Bank This Year
Plus, who wants to schlep to the closest costume shop just to get stuck in a crazy crowd? Your best bet is to get crafty. Your wallet will thank you — and your bartender will thank you, because you'll have extra money to spend on tequila shots this ...

The Mary Sue

TMS Exclusive Interview: Heroes of Cosplay's Holly Conrad Has Some Advice ...
The Mary Sue
Halloween is fast approaching, and I know we all want to look good. For the best dress-up advice in the biz, I chatted with Holly Conrad, who you can find on Heroes of Cosplay, on her YouTube channel, or blogging over on ThinkGeek. Get your spoopy ...

Spare Times Listings for Oct. 24-30
NYT > Halloween - Oct 24, 2014
A selected guide to Halloween events, readings, exhibitions, walking tours and other cultural highlights in New York City.

Creative Cosplay Feature - Shua Cosplay's Merida series
Today's installment of cosplay amazingness comes to you courtesy of Shua Cosplay! If you look through their gallery, you'll find a virtual paradise of great cosplay with beloved characters lovingly recreated with costumes, hair and makeup. (Seriously ...

Babies Halloween costumes: Check out these adorable tots
Look no further. We asked TODAY viewers to share their kids' best costumes, and from the hilarious to the adorable, they delivered. Do you have great baby costume ideas? Send them to us on Facebook or Twitter using #OrangeRoom. The lobster. Courtney ...

Broomstickin it to the man: Daniel Gifford on the Smithsonian talk 'Halloween ...
Washington Post
It wasn't until after World War II that Halloween became a kids' holiday. “The fabricated costume industry takes off, packaged candy takes off, all in the cause of creating this opportunity for children in the newly created suburbs to celebrate ...


Where The Word "Cosplay" Actually Comes From
It was a fan convention and, in this environment, what would become cosplay in Japan started to flourish. There was already a Japanese term to express the concept of dressing up: kasou (仮想). However, the word carried a nuance of disguise and didn't ...


The Chicago Tylenol Murders of 1982 Could Be Why You Dress Up for Halloween
According to some in the costume industry, this is a trend that began back in 1982. That was the year the Halloween party really started to take off. On Sept. 29, 1982, people began dying in one of the deadliest unsolved mysteries of the 20th century ...
Halloween is sexualizing young girlsWestern Courier (subscription)

The Week Magazine

Girls on Film: It's time to push back against 'sexy' costumes for girls
The Week Magazine
In recent years, the Halloween costume industry has pushed 'sexy' costumes that hurt boys and girls alike. Enough is enough. By Monika Bartyzel | October 17, 2014. Cady didn't get the memo about turning her "ex-wife" costume into a "sexy ex-wife" costume.

Autumn Is in the Air, but for Marketers, Christmas Has Already Begun
NYT > Halloween - Oct 16, 2014
In the last few years, Christmas campaigns have started earlier as retailers and marketers, worried about an uncertain economy, seek to gather their rosebuds — and holiday shopping dollars — while they may.


Cosplay Is Not Consent: The People Fighting Sexual Harassment at Comic Con
“I had to physically stop two people from putting hands on me," said Alana Leilani. Dressed as Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, she described one of many harassments she experienced at last year's New York Comic Con. “One stopped after I pushed ...
WGTC 2014 New York Comic-Con Cosplay GalleryWe Got This Covered
The Comic Book World Is Getting Safer for Women, But the Gaming World IsnTIME
NYCC 2014: Best of Cosplay Part FourScience Fiction
Bleeding Cool News -Geeks of DoomComic Book Resources

No, The Rise Of Cosplay Is Not A Bad Sign For The U.S. Economy
Let me get this out of the way first: I don cosplay. But I think James Pethokoukis writing at The Week was pretty far off when he wrote that the rise of cosplay is a bad sign for the U.S. economy. Jim looked at Japan, which has suffered from a long ...

Five Reasons Why Halloween Sucks Right Now
Westword (blog)
No kids wear homemade Halloween costumes anymore, which pulls a huge chunk of enterprising spirit out of the holiday -- but even worse, the store-bought costume industry is turning tykes into Vegas strip-club performers. Now adults are following suit,

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