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24 Sexiest Cosplay Hotties Of 2014
But that kind of news – and everything else going on at the various convention – still didn't take the attention away from the countless gorgeous girls cosplaying as our favourite characters. Cosplaying has become a very big deal – some people have ...

Just Jared

Zoe Saldana Talks About Halloween Costumes for Her Babies!
Just Jared
Zoe Saldana shows off her beautiful smile while walking the red carpet at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Hollywood Costume Opening Party on Wednesday (October 1) at the Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles.
Saldana: I need a trio of Halloween costumes!Belfast Telegraph
Zoe Saldana Confirms She's Having Twins—In the Cutest Way Ever!E! Online

Get Halloween costumes for free—or at least for cheap
CLEVELAND - It's October and time to think Halloween! Costumes can cost you a pretty penny, but they don't have to. We have some tricks that can make costume hunting a real treat for your wallet. There are lots of costumes at the Salvation Army store ...

COSPLAY : Thunderfairy As Silk Spectre 2 And Alli Apocalips As Silk Spectre - Comic Book Movie
cosplay - Google News - Oct 1, 2014

Comic Book Movie

COSPLAY : Thunderfairy As Silk Spectre 2 And Alli Apocalips As Silk Spectre
Comic Book Movie
Hit the jump to see Mexican cosplayer Thunderfairy as the beautiful but deadly and the girl who always kicks ass and looks good in leather Silk Spectre 2 and you can see Alli Apocalips as her mother. Follow batman001: View CBM Profile. By batman001 ...


The Amazing Costumes Of Cosplay Boom: Origins
Earlier this year, journalist Todd Kenreck walked away from a job in traditional media to chase a dream: An original documentary series about the art of costume play and the community of people who love it. He called the series Cosplay Boom, and in ...
​Why Cosplayers Dress UpKotaku


Metroid Cosplay Is So Good It Might Be Witchcraft
There are a few ways you can make an impressive suit of cosplay armour. You could cast it. You could forge it. You could sculpt it! Or, you could do what Chelsea did here, and use the dark sorcery of 3D printers. Not everything here was made using a ...

Los Angeles Times

Long Beach Comic Con: Cosplay photos, from Deadpool to Pinkie Pie
Los Angeles Times
Photographer Genaro Molina headed down to Long Beach this weekend to capture the cosplay on display at the 2014 Long Beach Comic Con. Click through the gallery above for a look at some of this year's more colorful Comic Con attendees. In its sixth ...

Top Halloween costumes for 2014
Just a heads up, Halloween is around the corner. Don't wait until the night before to assemble a lame getup with whatever is left hanging in the costume aisle of your local drug store. To get you inspired, Spirit Halloween, the largest Halloween ...

Halloween Costumes for 2014 - Guardian Liberty Voice
"halloween costumes" - Google News - Sep 27, 2014

E! Online

Halloween Costumes for 2014
Guardian Liberty Voice
In the past, Disney characters have been a very popular trend amongst Halloween costumes, as the famous princes, princesses and villains of Disney never seem to not be relevant. This year, in particular, Disney characters are destined to be filling the ...
Sexy Frozen Halloween Costumes Are a ThingE! Online
Sexy Frozen Halloween CostumesTIME
Here Are Your Sexy Frozen-Inspired Halloween CostumesJezebel -Today.comThe Stir

The Stir

Halloween Costumes for Little Girls​ Scare This Mom to Death​
The Stir
It's the costume industry's insistence on separating girls and boys in places where there is no reason they can't be gender neutral that gets my goat. Because to go Halloween shopping is to be launched into the 1960s, where little boys can wear pants ...

The Guardian

Darrien Hunt family uncover sketches that suggest link to cosplay theory
The Guardian
Relatives of Darrien Hunt are taking increasingly seriously the possibility that he was engaged in cosplay – dressing up as comic book character for a kind of performance art – on the morning earlier this month when he was killed in Saratoga Springs, ...
US cops shot dead in cosplay gear'SBS
Family: Utah Man Was Cosplaying Samurai Champloo When Shot, Killed by PoliceAnime News Network

Thailand Textile Institute holds 'Local Value Connection to the Better Life ... - Thailand National News Bureau
"costume industry" - Google News - Sep 11, 2014

Thailand Textile Institute holds Value Connection to the Better Life ...
Thailand National News Bureau
SONGKHLA, 11 September 2014 (NNT) – The vice governor of Songkhla presided over the opening ceremony of a seminar entitled 'Local Value Connection to the Better Life Seminar' to help develop the Muslim textile and costume industry in southern ...

If a Druid Rings the Doorbell
NYT > Halloween - Oct 31, 2013
Think it's Halloween? It's also Samhain, the high Druid holiday of the ancient Celts, and the spirits are out in force.
Greenwich Village Zombies Rise From a Grave of Debt
NYT > Halloween - Oct 30, 2013
Puppets were reassembled and an army of volunteers readied after organizers of the debt-ridden Village Halloween Parade, canceled last year, held a successful fund-raising drive.
Britain Embraces Halloween and Cashes In on Ghoulish Celebration
NYT > Halloween - Oct 29, 2013
Halloween is now the third-biggest event after Christmas and Easter in terms of consumer spending, and despite a weak economy, it has been a boon for British business.
The Costumes We Choose
NYT > Halloween - Oct 28, 2013
The masks we put on say something about who we are, or wish to be.
Getting People Tricked Out for Halloween
NYT > Halloween - Oct 27, 2013
For Kodi Hadrick, the manager of Abracadabra NYC, a three-level Manhattan emporium, the focus is on Halloween.
NYT > Halloween - Oct 25, 2013
Our quirky, discerning picks for the most interesting things to do around the state this week.

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