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Nuke The Fridge

“The C-Word” with Cosplayer and Wrestler Jeanne Killjoy
Nuke The Fridge
Well, it looks like this whole “C-Word” thing seems to be catching on quite a bit, so therefore, I'm bringing you guys and gals another edition of “The C-Word.” (The last one before Comic-Con). This time I interviewed the multi-talented cosplayer ...

Esquire (blog)

The Badass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie That Could've Been
Esquire (blog)
Eastman and Laird could get away with this at the time, because they had no obligation to market action figure accessories, Halloween costumes, or fruit snacks to eight-year-olds. Ironically, the Turtles were more innocent and carefree when they were ...

Attention Foolish Human Fools! Skylanders "Goes Dark" at Comic-Con(R ... - Wall Street Journal
"halloween costumes" - Google News - Jul 21, 2014

Attention Foolish Human Fools! Skylanders "Goes Dark" at Comic-Con(R ...
Wall Street Journal
While at the Xbox Lounge, fans can win a collectible Skylanders-themed Xbox One. -- Rubie's Costumes (Booth #3649): Skylanders fans can get a sneak peek at the new Skylanders Halloween costumes available this fall at Rubie's booth. -- Mad Libs Pop-Up ...
PR: Skylanders Goes at Comic-Con International: San DiegoToon Zone

California Officer Suspended For Saying She Wants To Run Over Cyclists In ...
The Calabasas resident made the comments in her vlog series “Cup Holder Commentary,” where she films herself in the car giving opinions on everything from fetishes to revealing Halloween costumes. View this image › ...

101 Cosplay Shots In The Rain – Manchester Comic Con Gets Wet - Bleeding Cool News
cosplay - Google News - Jul 20, 2014

Nuke The Fridge

101 Cosplay Shots In The Rain – Manchester Comic Con Gets Wet
Bleeding Cool News
This weekend has hosted the Manchester Comic Con. A city famed for its football, its music and… it's weather. Welcome to a very wet cosplay gallery, courtesy of Darren McCabe. Bleeding Cool coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2014 is sponsored by ...
A guide to four days of comics, cosplay, and superheroesOut Magazine
Exclusive – First Look at the Comic-Con 2014 Masquerade/Cosplay Trophy!Nuke The Fridge
Cosplayers galore celebrate comic charactersCCTV
Wicked Local Somerville

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery
Flickering Myth (blog)
The MCM Manchester Comic Con got underway today with Flickering Myth Villordsutch battling the rain to head down and take in all the geek goodness. Of course the cosplayers were out in full swing, showing off their costumes from the likes of Star ...

Helen Marie Walsh
Helena Independent Record
She made all holidays and milestones special for everyone, never failing to keep the household running smoothly with her exceptional organizational skills. She was an excellent homemaker and sewed countless prom dresses and Halloween costumes and
Helen Marie Walsh, 84Montana Standard

15 Pop Culture Faces Scarier Than The Masks In The Purge: Anarchy
While these twisted faces are integral to the film, they look like kiddie Halloween costumes compared to some of the frightening faces pop culture has thrown our way. From Freddy Krueger to bald Britney Spears circa 2007, these scary faces will haunt ...

The Express Tribune (blog)

'What is dead may never die'…except George RR Martin
The Express Tribune (blog)
4. Lifers. They don't watch the show, they live it and at Martin's death, they will revert to their natural forms as denizens of Westeros. The costume industry will see a boom as we see a craze for long tunics and fake Valerian Steel products shall ...

Peter Griffin Cosplayer Also A Perfect Peter Griffin Impersonator
Peter Griffin Cosplayer Also A Perfect Peter Griffin Impersonator. The 2014 Allentown Comic Con played host to a very special guest: Family Guy Peter Griffin (ie cosplayer Real Life Peter Griffin), in the flesh. This goes well beyond just "cosplay".
Family Guy Peter Griffin Impersonator is So Spot-On It EerieThe Escapist
The World Best Peter Griffin Impersonator Also Happens To Be The World's ...Pedestrian TV

OTOP textile and costume business to be developed for export internationally - Thailand National News Bureau
"costume industry" - Google News - Jul 12, 2014

OTOP textile and costume business to be developed for export internationally
Thailand National News Bureau
DIP Director General Achaga Siboonrueng disclosed that the DIP has cooperated with Thailand Textile Institute to organize a project to develop higher quality production and marketing of the OTOP textile and costume industry by uplifting the skills of ...

Now That How You Cosplay Dark Souls
Anime Expo 2014, one of the biggest cons of the year, went down last weekend. TwistedMangaLive was there with his camera capturing some of the best cosplay on show. Now That's How You Cosplay Dark Souls. For reference, the Dark Souls stuff is around ...

The Internet Most "Terrible" Cosplay Is Still the Most Amusing
Remember Anucha "Cha" Saengchart? He's the fellow that runs Lowcost Cosplay, a Facebook site centered around super cheap, ramshackle cosplay made from whatever is laying around the house. It's so "bad," it's good.

Attraction Unmasked
NYT > Halloween - Nov 3, 2013
Poems about Halloween's erotic underpinnings were “found” last week in the Missed Connections section of
Taking the Subway With Zombies and Superheroes
NYT > Halloween - Nov 2, 2013
On Halloween, everyone has to get to the party, the parade, the next home on the list. And in New York, quite often, they get there on the subway.
If a Druid Rings the Doorbell
NYT > Halloween - Oct 31, 2013
Think it's Halloween? It's also Samhain, the high Druid holiday of the ancient Celts, and the spirits are out in force.
Greenwich Village Zombies Rise From a Grave of Debt
NYT > Halloween - Oct 30, 2013
Puppets were reassembled and an army of volunteers readied after organizers of the debt-ridden Village Halloween Parade, canceled last year, held a successful fund-raising drive.

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