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New Arrivals : Masks, Hats & Wigs

Funny Bones Latex Mask Funny Bones Latex Mask
You shouldn't invite this clown over to your child's birthday party.
our price: $42.95 cart
They Live Latex Mask They Live Latex Mask
For the first time ever, Universal Studios Cult Classic Alien masks are here.
our price: $75.95 cart
Zombinski Latex Mask Zombinski Latex Mask
Crawling out of his watery grave comes this rotting zombie. Complete with fractured eye and thin black dead hair and menacing gaze, this mask is sure to be your favorite.
our price: $52.95 cart
Mime Zack Adult Latex Mask Mime Zack Adult Latex Mask
The most bizarre clown ever.
our price: $50.95 cart
Kresnik Adult Latex Mask Kresnik Adult Latex Mask
Human style head with huge, gaping, tooth filled mouth.
our price: $41.95 cart

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