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Tooth Blackout (Makeup & Tattoos)
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Tooth Blackout

Tooth Blackout
If your makeup FX requires tooth wax this is the item for you. Simply apply black wax over a tooth and&the tooth dissapears. Great for witches, tramps, clowns, warlocks, old hags, etc. 1/4oz on full color blister card.

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Spirit Gum, 1 Oz Spirit Gum, 1 Oz
1 fl oz amber resin/liquid adhesive for applying bald caps and clown noses.
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Ugly Teeth,1=1 Ugly Teeth,1=1
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Funkenring Metal Funkenring Metal
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Ninja Bone Crusher Ninja Bone Crusher
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Torn Fishnets Adult Torn Fishnets Adult
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Color Cup, Carded, Gold Color Cup, Carded, Gold
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Color Cup,Carded,Silver Color Cup,Carded,Silver
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Extra Flesh [Fake Skin] Extra Flesh [Fake Skin]
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Goatee 5 Point, Light Brown Goatee 5 Point, Light Brown
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P & L Zipper Change Bag P & L Zipper Change Bag
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Instruction Sheets,Skeleton Instruction Sheets,Skeleton
Instruction Sheets,Skeleton.
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Lil Dead Riding Hood Adult Lil Dead Riding Hood Adult
Includes two tone drop shoulder dress with hooded, tattered cape and belt.
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Warts, Woochie, Pack Of 3 Warts, Woochie, Pack Of 3
Woochie Warts, Pack of 3 Ugly warts on lace that are easy to apply.
our price: $5.49 cart IN-STOCK

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