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Sparkle Additive (Props & Decor)
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Sparkle Additive

Sparkle Additive
Add this to any of our powders to achieve extra sparkle in the flash. 1/2 oz. size. *Please Note: fire related items are not to be sold to, nor to be used by minors. User assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.

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Flash Pad Flash Pad
Flash Pad for Magic Items - 20 Sheets 2.
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Flash Paper Envelopes Flash Paper Envelopes
Fire related items are not to be sold to, nor to be used by minors.
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Flash Cotton,Fast [Ormd] Flash Cotton,Fast [Ormd]
Flash Fast Cotton - approximately 4 grams.
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Flash Cotton,Slow Flash Cotton,Slow
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Color Additive,Green,2 Oz. Color Additive,Green,2 Oz.
Mix with Hercles smokeless powder, available at your local gun supply store.
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Glo-Plug,1.5 Volt,1 Battery Glo-Plug,1.5 Volt,1 Battery
This is a reusable igniters and they are included in devices that require them.
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Ignitors Ignitors
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Nichrome Wire Nichrome Wire
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Flash String [Pack Of 10] Flash String [Pack Of 10]
Magic flash string. Package of 10 strings.
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Glo-Plug 2 Volt Glo-Plug 2 Volt
Glo plug for 2 battery system. 2 volt. Works with 3 volt flash items.
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