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More Magic & Humor For Clown (Magic & Clown)
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More Magic & Humor For Clown

More Magic & Humor For Clown
This book is designed to provide both humor and message for the gospel clown or gospel magician.

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Magic Message,Humor For Clown Magic Message,Humor For Clown
This book is dedicated to sharing magic with a message and magic for humor to better equip and prepare clowns for the gospel ministry.
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Clown Act Omnibus Clown Act Omnibus
A big well-illustrated book with over 269 original clown acts and stunts.
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Dewey's Clown Gags & Giggles Dewey's Clown Gags & Giggles
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Dewey's Klown Komedy Dewey's Klown Komedy
This book is filled with more funny ideas, gags and jokes every clown needs to entertain their audience.
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Everything New In Clown Mnstr Everything New In Clown Mnstr
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Magic Clown Magic Clown
Ernie Kerns provides all the information you need to become a magic clown. Complete instructions on wardrobe, gags and makeup.
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Magic Clown Vol Ii Magic Clown Vol Ii
Written by 3 pros, this 96-page book has many ideas on walkarounds, makeup, juggling, etc.
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