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Clean-Cut Color Change Hank (Magic & Clown)
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Clean-Cut Color Change Hank

Clean-Cut Color Change Hank
Magician shows both hands empty. A colored silk is picked up and pushed into the top of the left fist of the left hand and it emerges from the bottom of the the fist in a different color. Silks not included.

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Acrobatic Silk Acrobatic Silk
Magician shows a bar with two red silks and one blue at the end.
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Chameleon Silk Chameleon Silk
Show left hand empty, close it into a fist and tuck yellow silk in.
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Crystal Silk Cyl Addition Crystal Silk Cyl Addition
With the addition, You show show the metal cover empty at the start as well as at the finish or the trick.
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Dye Tube Dye Tube
Ideal for any color changing silk routine or mismade silk routines.
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