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Invisible Deck, Bicycle Poker (Magic & Clown)
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Invisible Deck,Bicycle Poker

Invisible Deck,Bicycle Poker
Spectator pretends to take a card from an invisible deck. You produce a visible deck, and the chosen card is found face down.

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Haunted Deck,Enardoe Haunted Deck,Enardoe
Three selected cards are retunred to the deck.
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Magicians Insurance Policy Magicians Insurance Policy
Volunteer picks a card. Magician has trouble finding the chosen card then points out that he has an insurance policy which opens and displays a gaint picture of the chosen card.
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Brainwave,Bicycle Poker Brainwave,Bicycle Poker
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Cheek To Cheek Deck,Enardoe Cheek To Cheek Deck,Enardoe
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Invisible Deck/Foxlake/Bridge Invisible Deck/Foxlake/Bridge
Spectator pretends to take a card from an invisible deck.
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No-Feke Card Frame No-Feke Card Frame
A small frame with doors both front & back is opened and shown completely empty.
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Ultima Deck-Vanish Ultima Deck-Vanish
A small walnut box containing a deck of cards is displayed.
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