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Jiffy Coin Trick (Magic & Clown)
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Jiffy Coin Trick

Jiffy Coin Trick
As coin vanishes and reappears in a sealed bag, and several sealed metal covers, plus inside an envelope.

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Penny Weight Penny Weight
A small brass weight with a knob, a solid brass ring and a penny comprise this effect.
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Mystery Paddle,Enardoe Mystery Paddle,Enardoe
A penny is placed on a small plastic paddle and held in the performer's hand.
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Okito Coin Box,No Hole Okito Coin Box,No Hole
Most unique coin trick ever.
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Okito Coin Box,With Hole Okito Coin Box,With Hole
Most unique coin trick ever.
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Crystal Coin Case Crystal Coin Case
Wrap a handkerchief around the coin in the case and suddenly the coin vanishes.
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Magic Coin Box Magic Coin Box
A marked coin vanishes, only to be found inside a sealed bag, then a sealed matchbox, and then sealed inside another box.
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Penny In Bottle Penny In Bottle
A real penny inside a tiny corked bottle.
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Pentro Penny Pentro Penny
A penny is covered with a match box and the penny vanishes, then is found in the box.
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Vanishing Quarter Vanishing Quarter
A quarter dropped into a glass of water will disappear.
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