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Lethal Tender (Magic & Clown)
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Lethal Tender

Lethal Tender
A half dollar is placed on spectators hand.Magican waves a playing card over the coin, and it turns into a Chinese coin., complete with a hole in the center.

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$1.35 Trick $1.35 Trick
In your hand, you hold four coins that total $1.
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Chinatown Half Chinatown Half
You show two coins. A chinese coin with a hole in the center, and a US half dollar which vanishes, and in it's place are two Chinese coins with a hole in the center.
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Chinese Coin Chinese Coin
Beautifully made for copper/silver transposition same size as a half dollar and ideal for manipulations.
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Gin & Tonic Gin & Tonic
Same effect as Scotch and Soda, but using a quarter and an English Penny.
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Locking 21 Cent Trick Locking 21 Cent Trick
Similar to the $1. 35 trick but less expensive.
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Locking Penny & Dime Locking Penny & Dime
Show the penny and a dime, say the magic word, and the dime instantly vanishes.
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Opium Coin Set, Half Dollar Opium Coin Set, Half Dollar
Magican shows two kennedy half dollars in the palm of his hand. Both coins now turn into Chinese coins, complete with a hole in the center.
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Sixty-One Cent Trick Sixty-One Cent Trick
You have two quarters, dime and a penny.
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