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Taxi Horn (Accessories)
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Taxi Horn

Taxi Horn
16'' Brass authenic old-fashion taxi horn with rubber squeeze horn.

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Exhaust Whistle Exhaust Whistle
Metal device fits into tail pipe and screams when victim drives car.
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Poly Trumpet Poly Trumpet
Poly Trumpet. Play it like a real trumpet.
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Metal Harpo Horn Metal Harpo Horn
Harpo Horn, Metal
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Clown Duck Call Clown Duck Call
Clown Duck Call. Rubber squeeker makes a loud noise when squeezed.
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Cow Bell Cow Bell
Cow Bell. 3" Metal cow bell. Fine quality.
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Cow Call Cow Call
Turn it upside down and it makes a mooing sound.
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Genius Jerk At Work Sign Genius Jerk At Work Sign
11 1/2'' x 14'' Jerk at work on one side and Genius at work on the other side.
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Tube Whistle Tube Whistle
Used by English Bobbies, train conductors, etc. Made of metal. Loud!
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Exhaust Whistle,Rack Pack Exhaust Whistle,Rack Pack
Metal device fits into tail pipe and screams when victim drives car.
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Laugh Bag  $ Laugh Bag $
Laughts hysterically when on. Batteries not included
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Fresh Milk Fresh Milk
A carton of milk so fresh that when you start to pour you can hear it moo!
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Siren Party Horn Siren Party Horn
Different siren sounds Uses 9 Volt battery
our price: $8.59 cart OUT OF STOCK

Watch Winder Watch Winder
Noisy nonsense. Create a fun panic with this gimmick.
our price: $1.69 cart IN-STOCK

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