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Safety Pin, Jumbo (Accessories)
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Safety Pin,Jumbo

Safety Pin,Jumbo
18"" gag safety pin that is really useable and comes bagged with header.

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Groan Stick, Plastic, Asstd Groan Stick, Plastic, Asstd
Assorted colored tubes that make groaning sound when turned up.
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Pin Thru Nose Pin Thru Nose
Large metal safety pin with a small piece missing enables you to place it on your nose, so that it appears that the pin is going thur your nose.
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Rubber Pig. 12 in latex clown prop.
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Safety Pin Thru Head,Jumbo Safety Pin Thru Head,Jumbo
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Parasol Clown Parasol Clown
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Thermometer, Jumbo Gag Thermometer, Jumbo Gag
14 in Plastic simulated thermometer.
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