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Squirt Pen (Magic & Clown)
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Squirt Pen

Squirt Pen
A realistic looking pen that can be filled with disappearing ink or water, simply push the plunger and liquid is sprayed from the writing end of pen.

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Squirt Ring,Deluxe Squirt Ring,Deluxe
Very attractive pearl ring that squirts water.
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Squirt Camera,Deluxe Mini Squirt Camera,Deluxe Mini
Authentic camera that really nsquirts water as you shoot.
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Squirt Lighter,Square $ Squirt Lighter,Square $
Well-made, authentic in size and appearance.
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Disappearing Ink Disappearing Ink
Available in squirt bottles for all your practical jokers.
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Squirt Cigarette Pack Squirt Cigarette Pack
A pack of cigarettes squirts water at victim by pressing cigarette pack
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Disappearing Ink,Rack Pack Disappearing Ink,Rack Pack
Available in squirt bottles for all your practical jokers.
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Squirt Lighter Squirt Lighter
A realistic looking lighter that squirts water.
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Squirt Lighter,Rack Pack Squirt Lighter,Rack Pack
Squirt a steam of water at your unsuspecting victim.
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Squirt Flower Squirt Flower
Plastic flower that is easy to atttach to your lapel and easy to squirt.
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Squirting Rose Squirting Rose
8" Long stem rose with squeeze bulb attached.
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Squirt Pen W/Disapp.Ink Squirt Pen W/Disapp.Ink
Fun gag, easy to use. Add liquid such as magic ink or water, remove the small cap of the ball pen.
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Squirt Stapler Squirt Stapler
Looks like the real stapler, but squirts instead of stapling.
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