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Parasol Lace Ruffle (Accessories)
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Parasol Lace Ruffle, Pink

Parasol Lace Ruffle, Pink
33 inch nylon lace parasol with a lace ruffle around the bottom.

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Parasol Clear Plastic Parasol Clear Plastic
25 inch clear plastic parasol. Great for Dancing in the Rain.
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Parasol Lace, Black Parasol Lace, Black
33 inch sheer lace parasol on a durable wire frame.
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Parasol Nylon Parasol Nylon
25 inch wide nylon parasol in a great selection of colors.
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Parasol Nylon Ruffle, Blue Parasol Nylon Ruffle, Blue
25 inch wide nylon parasol in a great selection of colors with a lace ruffle around the edge.
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Parasol Deluxe Nylon Ruffle Parasol Deluxe Nylon Ruffle
33" wide parasol, Nylon with ruffled edges.
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Parasol Paper Parasol Paper
Parasol Paper. 26" wide wooden frame with lovely floral design on cream-colored background.
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