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Bleach Cosplay - Bleach Hollowfied Tensa Zangetsu
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Bleach Hollowfied Tensa Zangetsu

Bleach Hollowfied Tensa Zangetsu
"Ichigo. I hate the rain. Rain falls in this world, too. When your heart is in chaos, this sky becomes clouded. When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easy. Can you understand¦ the horror of being pelted by rain in this solitary world? If only to stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength. If you trust in me, I will let no rain fall in this world. Ichigo, trust me. You are not fighting alone." -Zangetsu

High quality custom designed cosplay uniform and accessories. The costume is made out of cotton/poly. Adult sizes only.

Coat with faux fur collar and trim
Head Piece

our price: $ 145.95 reg: 150.58

Size: Men's


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