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Fogger Cordless Remote (Props & Decor)
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Fogger Cordless Remote

Fogger Cordless Remote
One fantastic remote. It will activate any of the above foggers by cordless remote up to 30 ft away. Just press the button.

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Whip & Spike Scars Whip & Spike Scars
Whip & Spike Scars. 6 assorted length latex scars, vary from 6" to 17".
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Blood Capsules,3 Per Card Blood Capsules,3 Per Card
Blood Capsules,3 Per Card. Safe and non-toxic.
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Ladies Nylon Gloves Ladies Nylon Gloves
Black. One size.
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Tattoo,Blood Drip Fx Tattoo,Blood Drip Fx
Hollywood Quality. A truly 3 Dimensional look that is applied with one dimensional ease.
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Blood, Hollywood Gel F/X Blood, Hollywood Gel F/X
Great for wounds and fabulous effects.
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Goth Makeup Kit Tainted Fairy Goth Makeup Kit Tainted Fairy
Goth Tainted Fairy is available in Fun World Makeup - Character Kits section with the following description; Fairy kit includes eyelashes with adhesive, glitter tattoo, 3 color makeup tray, black lipstick, makeup sponge and brush.
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Stage Blood 4.5 Oz Stage Blood 4.5 Oz
Stage Blood 4. 5 Oz. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
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Flash Pot Ultra Flash Pot Ultra
Our most advanced flash pot for creating sudden puffs of smoke or color flash.
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Jason Deluxe Adult Costume Std Sz Jason Deluxe Adult Costume Std Sz
Jason has never looked better.
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Perfect Storm Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm. LIGHTNING/THUNDER EFFECT MACHINE IN YOUR HOME OR HAUNTED ATTRACTION. Imagine a dark threatening overcast sky? Suddenly your heart stops as lightning flashes and you hear the crackling roar of thunder.
our price: $48.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Color Additive,Red,2 Oz. Color Additive,Red,2 Oz.
Mix with Hercles smokeless powder, available at your local gun supply store.
our price: $10.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Flash Powder, White, A&B Flash Powder, White, A&B
The safest powder, mix it yourself.
our price: $14.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Ignitors Ignitors
Known as an electric match, creates a small flame for a sure fire ignition in any flash pot.
our price: $21.95 cart IN-STOCK

Nichrome Wire Nichrome Wire
Perfect for most flash pots as igniters.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Flash String [Pack Of 10] Flash String [Pack Of 10]
Magic flash string. Package of 10 strings.
our price: $16.95 cart IN-STOCK

Gloves, Ghoulish Gloves, Ghoulish
A pair of adult vinyl gloves give the appearance of 'tendony musculature' with rotted style nails.
our price: $9.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Gloves, Werewolf Gloves, Werewolf
Gloves, Werewolf. Cloth glove with attached latex for 3-D realistic look.
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Outlaw Zombie Outlaw Zombie
Costume includes: Hat, Gloves, Chaps, Duster & Gauze Over Duster.
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Spiderweb Gloves White Web Spiderweb Gloves White Web
Shoulder length transparent nylon fingerless gloves with Halloween spiderweb design.
our price: $3.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Spirit Gum Adhesive/Remover Spirit Gum Adhesive/Remover
A very convenient way of attaching and removing latex prosthetics.
our price: $5.99 cart OUT OF STOCK

Universal Flash Kit Universal Flash Kit
Universal Flash Kit contains Mini Flash Pot, Wide angle Flash Ejector, Table Mount Flash Gun, and Suspended Aerial Burst.
our price: $85.95 cart IN-STOCK

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