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Bat Wings (Accessories)
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Bat Wings Large-Xlarge Black

Bat Wings Large-Xlarge Black
Bat Wings! Set off your bat costume with these wings! You will REALLY make your entrance with these attention-grabbing wings! Fits like a shrug or vest, your arms fit into them like a glove with semi-rigid 'boning' extending from your fingers. Open your hand and the wings spread open into a huge, menacing wingspan! Fold your arms and hands in, and it looks like a cape. Great for parties with tight crowds, as you don't have to keep the wings open constantly. When you do open them, wow, what an impact! Great for bats, vampires, devils, or any winged creature of the night you can think of. Large/XL cut larger across the shoulders, designed more for men. Avaliable Sizes:
  • Standard (Large or XL)

our price: $ 76.95 reg: 78.46


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