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Iglow Hair Gel (Makeup & Tattoos)
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Iglow Hair Gel Neon Green

Iglow Hair Gel Neon Green
iGlow | Glow in the Dark Hair Gel - Neon Green Brand New Color - Just Released! (image above is not the same - the product is that new - Neon Green is brighter than what is pictured here)

Fun, Cool and Innovative! Completely self glowing product. Creates its own light. No need for UV, Black Light or Recharging. Temporary, safe and non-toxic. Washes out with normal shampoo. Glows for 4-6 hours. Ideal for Halloween and Haunted Houses. Also for night time or indoor events such as concerts, raves, discos, nightclubs, sportsfans, beach barbecues, parties, New Year celebrations, promotions, FX make up, Mardi Gras, festivals, carnivals or anywhere you want to be noticed. iGlow does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. It produces its own light! Tiny, microscopic particles in the gel come together in the mixing process to produce a bright colorful glow that can be seen in partial light and in the dark for hours. While iGlow Hair Gel is classified as a "temporary hair color" it does not actually color the hair cuticle. Instead it coats the hair with color. The gel is the delivery medium for the luminescence glow. It is safe for color-treated or bleached hair when used as directed.

Available in Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, White, Hot Pink, Neon Blue and Neon Green (White, Hot Pink, Neon Blue and Neon Green are new colors.) Also see our iGlow BODY Gel. Click Here for instructions on how to use this product.

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