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Blood Living Nightmare (Accessories)
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Blood Living Nightmare

Blood Living Nightmare
If you need blood for an FX effect this is it. Easy to apply squeezable 1 oz tube on a convenient blister card.

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Gauze Skull Mask 2 Gauze Skull Mask 2
Horrifying Zombie mask with rotted-look stringy detailing.
our price: $10.19 cart IN-STOCK

Zombie Zombie
Includes: pants with Zombie thigh and knee bones, Zombie mask, shirt with rotted flesh chest, skeletal forearms, skeletal gloves.
our price: $57.95 cart IN-STOCK

Archery Set Archery Set
Archery Set. Includes bow, 3 suction tipped arrows, and plastic knife.
our price: $4.29 cart IN-STOCK

Cut Off Ear New Cut Off Ear New
Cut Off Ear-New. Professional hollywood vinyl body parts.
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs Custom Fangs Custom
A totally realistic look! Each set of teeth comes complete with a customizing kit.
our price: $16.95 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Glove Freddy Glove
Brown cloth glove with plastic metal look fasteners and blades to mimic the look of the glove used in A Nightmare on Elm Street.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl
Bring the nightmares to life, with this deluxe 3/4 vinyl Freddy mask.

Remember the signature sweater, hat, and glove (all sold separately) to complete the look.
our price: $18.95 cart IN-STOCK

Gavel Gavel
Plastic realistic gavel with wood grain look finish.
our price: $3.99 cart IN-STOCK

Gloves White Gloves White
Economy cotton gloves, One size
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Left Arm Vinyl Left Arm Vinyl
Left Arm, Vinyl. Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props.
our price: $14.95 cart IN-STOCK

Pitchfork Economy Pitchfork Economy
Pitchfork Economy. Heavy duty plastic pitchfork with black handle 2ft tall.
our price: $1.89 cart IN-STOCK

Top Hat Child Durashape Top Hat Child Durashape
Child size hat made of Durashape(R) material.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Vernet Finger Set Vernet Finger Set
Complete set of vernet finger and thumb tips.
our price: $12.29 cart IN-STOCK

Bull Whip,7' Bull Whip,7'
Tough 7 foot long braided leather whip. Not intended for actual use.
our price: $3.99 cart IN-STOCK

Capsules [6] W/.5Oz. Blood Capsules [6] W/.5Oz. Blood
Capsules (6) W/. 5Oz. Blood.
our price: $3.79 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs Dentures, Vampire Fangs Dentures, Vampire
Very natural look. Simply slip over your own teeth.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs Glo Mouth Fangs Glo Mouth
This 'glo' mouthpiece fits over your own teeth, can be used over and over again.
our price: $1.79 cart IN-STOCK

Lipstick Lipstick
Colored lips - nice addition to any ghoul or monster, etc
our price: $1.69 cart IN-STOCK

Metal Harpo Horn Metal Harpo Horn
Harpo Horn, Metal
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Nose Sponge Animal,Black Nose Sponge Animal,Black
Nose Sponge Animal,Black. Black sponge nose with slit for easy fit.
our price: $1.09 cart IN-STOCK

Grass Skirt Real Grass Skirt Real
This real Grass Skirt is the economy model.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Squirt Blood,.5 Oz,Dark Squirt Blood,.5 Oz,Dark
Squirt Blood,. 5 Oz,Dark. A waterbase (not syrup) blood.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Stage Blood,Carded Stage Blood,Carded
Stage Blood,Carded. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Tattoo,Blood Drip Fx Tattoo,Blood Drip Fx
Hollywood Quality. A truly 3 Dimensional look that is applied with one dimensional ease.
our price: $2.39 cart IN-STOCK

Wings, Child Butterfly Wings, Child Butterfly
Beautifully colored nylon Butterfly Wings.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Adult Thigh High Fence Net Adult Thigh High Fence Net
Sexy fence net thigh highs.
our price: $3.79 cart IN-STOCK

Ball & Chain Ball & Chain
Ball & Chain. Plastic ball with metal chain.
our price: $2.99 cart IN-STOCK

Blood, Hollywood Gel F/X Blood, Hollywood Gel F/X
Great for wounds and fabulous effects.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

Eyelash Adhesive Mini Tube Eyelash Adhesive Mini Tube
Natural Eyelash Glue(R) Rubber Latex 1 gram.
our price: $1.09 cart IN-STOCK

Right Leg, Vinyl Right Leg, Vinyl
Right Leg, Vinyl. Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props.
our price: $15.95 cart IN-STOCK

Rigid Collodion 1/4Oz Rigid Collodion 1/4Oz
Rigid Collodion 1/4Oz. A clear solution used to create scarring effects when applied directly to dry skin.
our price: $4.89 cart IN-STOCK

Scenester Wig Scenester Wig
Super Scenester WigSpeaking of strange.
our price: $16.95 cart IN-STOCK

Stage Blood 4.5 Oz Stage Blood 4.5 Oz
Stage Blood 4. 5 Oz. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

Werewolf Living Nightmare Werewolf Living Nightmare
You can now become your favorite 'Ghoul'.
our price: $5.89 cart IN-STOCK

Lady In Waiting Adult Lady In Waiting Adult
Includes: mini dress with lace up front bodice, translucent drop sleeves and matching sleeve ends, with long trail back.
our price: $53.95 cart SPECIAL ORDER

Mace Soft Mace Soft
This medieval weapon is made of a safe, soft padded material, can be swung at someone on stage without hurting them.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Woochie See No Evil Rippd Eyes Woochie See No Evil Rippd Eyes
This one is real gross. Latex prosthetic that appears you have had your eyes torn out.
our price: $11.95 cart IN-STOCK

Wrist Band Spiked Wrist Band Spiked
Real leather band with to rows of metal studs attached.
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Ghouldilocks Adult Ghouldilocks Adult
Includes dress with shredded strip look and matching corset top.
our price: $38.95 cart IN-STOCK

Nail Polish Carded,Black Nail Polish Carded,Black
Nail Polish Carded,Black. Full size, high fashion nail polish.
our price: $3.29 cart IN-STOCK

Tommy Gun,Black Tommy Gun,Black
Plastic replica of classic tommy gun.
our price: $9.29 cart IN-STOCK

Alien Green Blood Alien Green Blood
Straight from the Alien's pulsating veins.
our price: $1.69 cart IN-STOCK

Glasses Slayer Glasses Slayer
Very trendy and modern look glasses. What a great costume accessory!
our price: $5.99 cart IN-STOCK

Slashed Wrist Slashed Wrist
Just like the special effects artists use in Hollywood.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

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