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Movie Fx Dvd Volume 3 (Makeup & Tattoos)
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Movie Fx Dvd Volume 3

Movie Fx Dvd Volume 3
MOVIE FX DVD MAKEUP Special Effects DVD Vol 3

MovieFX Magazine presents Special Effects Master Class: Vol. 3. There are over 3 hours of lessons and demonstrations, which range from scarring to the application of facial hair, all taught by professionals in the motion picture and TV industry. Please note that although there are only four lessons in this Master Class, the total run time is just as long as previous volumes.

Lessons include:

Toxic Waste Face:
Use gelatin to make a truly horrific (not tasty) make-up!

Cuts & Bruises:
Whether its for Halloween, or freaking out the neighbors, heres some pain free ways to add wear and tear to your noggin!

Facial Hair:
Need to grow a manly beard in only a matter of hours? This lesson will put hair on your chin!

Visual FX:
So you and a buddy shot your own little lazer sword duel, but you want to add the glow, and other effects? Check out this lesson on basic CG!

Run time: Approx. 150 min.

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