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Sightless (Makeup & Tattoos)
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All latex prosthetic, simply add spirit gum or latex (not included). See-through prosthetic.

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Spirit Gum, 1 Oz Spirit Gum, 1 Oz
1 fl oz amber resin/liquid adhesive for applying bald caps and clown noses.
our price: $5.99 cart IN-STOCK

Latex, Liquid, Carded Latex, Liquid, Carded
Used to create unusal skin textures or to apply Crepe hair and prosthetics.
our price: $5.99 cart IN-STOCK

Fly 3 Per Card Joke Fly 3 Per Card Joke
They look like real. 3 flies per card.
our price: $1.49 cart IN-STOCK

Spirit Gum Remover,1 Oz Spirit Gum Remover,1 Oz
1oz of specifically-developed solvent of spirit gum.
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Life Size Centipede Life Size Centipede
Life Size Centipede. Life size verison, Very Real!.
our price: $1.69 cart IN-STOCK

Barbed Wire Rust 20 Ft Barbed Wire Rust 20 Ft
20 foot garland that gives you the look of rusted barbed wire.
our price: $4.19 cart OUT OF STOCK

Slashed Eye Prosthetic Slashed Eye Prosthetic
Two-piece latex prosthetic with traditional 'Woochie" feathered edge.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

Cockroach 2 Inch Econo Cockroach 2 Inch Econo
Cockroach 2" Econo. 2" long Life-like in color and design.
our price: $0.29 cart OUT OF STOCK

Metal Attack Metal Attack
Feathered edge, pre-painted prosthetic.
our price: $8.79 cart IN-STOCK

Skin And Bones Set Skin And Bones Set
Just like the special effects artists use in Hollywood.
our price: $15.95 cart IN-STOCK

Vamp Wig Adult Vamp Wig Adult
Goth, short bob style wig with widow's peak front.
our price: $11.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

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