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Pickles Mask Latex (Masks, Hats & Wigs)
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Pickles Mask Latex

Pickles Mask Latex
Sinister to the coreThe reason people fear clowns is in the face of this creepy one! Full overhead latex mask with long hair.

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Cooley Hat Cooley Hat
Cooley Hat. Handmade of real straw and bamboo.
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Michael Myers Mask Michael Myers Mask
Full over the head latex mask with real hair attached.
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Raggedy Ann Adult Raggedy Ann Adult
Includes hat with yarn hair, dress with apron, bloomers, and red and white striped socks.
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Misery Mask Misery Mask
Misery Mask. Complete over-the-head deluxe latex mask with excellent hand painted detailing.
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Gooey Ghoul Mask Gooey Ghoul Mask
One of the most terrifying mask ever made.
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Storybook Witch Velvet Storybook Witch Velvet
Includes black velvet bodice with blue poly underskirt, blue metallic mesh overskirt and matching velvet hat.
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Beast Hairy Mask Beast Hairy Mask
Ugly and frightening& these munchkin -style latex masks hang low on your face as you look out through eyelets in the hair.
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Blasted Head Premiere Mask Blasted Head Premiere Mask
Imagine a human head taken completely apart. A full over-the-head latex mask that is blown completely apart.
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Canker Mask Canker Mask
Straight out of the 'Dead Zone. ' Dead But Alive.
our price: $26.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Death Rot Death Rot
With this adult death rot zombie mask you can look like you belong six feet under.
our price: $27.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Dr Nefarious Mask Dr Nefarious Mask
This beady-eyed, manic has quite a bed side manor.
our price: $35.95 cart IN-STOCK

Mayhem Mask Mayhem Mask
This is one strange mohawk, big mouthed, tongue dragging misfit with ring pierced tongue and ears with a cross-etched tooth, this full over-the-head latex mask is a must to see.
our price: $37.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

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