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Bat Fanged Latex (Props & Decor)
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Bat Fanged Latex

Bat Fanged Latex
Realistic latex bat with gaping mouth, hanging from a bone with hanging cord attached. 15in high x 6in wide x 4.5in deep.

our price: $ 15.95 reg: 18.24


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Chucky Seed Of Mask Chucky Seed Of Mask
An exact copy of the 'Dreadful Doll Head' we all love to hate.
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Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl
Bring the nightmares to life, with this deluxe 3/4 vinyl Freddy mask.

Remember the signature sweater, hat, and glove (all sold separately) to complete the look.
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Leatherface Goblet Leatherface Goblet
Hard plastic goblet made into the look of 'Leatherface' with skull and bones stem base.
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Wig Bad Fairy Black Pink Wig Bad Fairy Black Pink
Free style, free spirit, two-tone wig for that gothic, fairy look.
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Bat With Skull Head Brown Bat With Skull Head Brown
Hard foam heads and bodies with thin fabric wings and skeletal wing structure.
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Crown Of Bones Crown Of Bones
Plastic crown of bones with look of real ivory.
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Hanging Prop With Hair Hanging Prop With Hair
Hard foam head and hands with straw hair, shredded drape clothing and gauze overclothes.
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Light Switch Cover,Skull Light Switch Cover,Skull
Light swich cover with metal finish.
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Top Hat Black, Felt Top Hat Black, Felt
This adult black felt top hat is a great complement for numerous styles of costumes, offering quality at a low price.
our price: $12.95 cart IN-STOCK

Wig Bad Fairy Black Red Wig Bad Fairy Black Red
Black wig with red detailing.
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Eye In Pool Of Blood Eye In Pool Of Blood
Eye In Pool Of Blood. Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props.
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Top Hat Bk Leather Look Mater. Top Hat Bk Leather Look Mater.
A classic style top hat with the look of used leather.
our price: $13.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Wig Sorceress Blk Purple Wig Sorceress Blk Purple
Teased hair up high and curly with long straight sides hanging down.
our price: $10.39 cart IN-STOCK

Jason Goblet Jason Goblet
Now you can drink from the goblet bearing the likeness of Jason.
our price: $4.89 cart IN-STOCK

Lamp Shade Cover Lamp Shade Cover
1 multiple skull design, adjustable to fit lampshades up to 16 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height.
our price: $3.00 cart OUT OF STOCK

Skeleton Hand With Glass Votive Skeleton Hand With Glass Votive
Skeleton Hand With Glass VotiveLife-like skeleton hand holding glass votive holder.
our price: $7.69 cart OUT OF STOCK

Sofa Cover Sofa Cover
Skull in iron maiden look. Pull over sofa measuring 74in x 96in.
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Wall Enhancers Wall Enhancers
All 8 designs come in assorted sizes in this complete package.
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Autopsy Ghoul Autopsy Ghoul
Autopsy Ghoul. Full Over-the-head Latex Mask All the outer skin has been removed to show tendons underneath.
our price: $23.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Baby Stinky Baby Stinky
Baby Stinky. This life size latex hand puppet moves like it's real.
our price: $25.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Cranium Glow Latex Cranium Glow Latex
Latex Cranium, glows in the dark.
our price: $10.69 cart OUT OF STOCK

Ice For You Ice For You
Ice For You. Made of durable hard polyfoam, the head looks absolutely real.
our price: $62.95 cart IN-STOCK

Tiara Gothic Black Tiara Gothic Black
Would you like an apple little girl.
our price: $5.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Vampires Bride Head Vampires Bride Head
Vampire'S Bride Head. A very realistic female cut off head.
our price: $22.95 cart IN-STOCK

Wig Pixie Demon Black Red Wig Pixie Demon Black Red
Red wig with black shading, pigtails, and devil horns attached.
our price: $10.89 cart IN-STOCK

Blood Drips Sign, Beware Blood Drips Sign, Beware
What could be more terrifying.
our price: $4.19 cart OUT OF STOCK

Ghoul Top Hat Bounce Decoratn Ghoul Top Hat Bounce Decoratn
In the great Halloween tradition, you will love to have this guy hanging around.
our price: $4.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Halloween Cat Prop Halloween Cat Prop
Halloween Cat Prop. 20 inches tall-31 inches wide.
our price: $10.95 cart IN-STOCK

Hanging Deco-30 Hanging Deco-30" Vampire
Frightening static hanging 'Vampire' character.
our price: $8.19 cart OUT OF STOCK

Haunted House Tape Haunted House Tape
Scary, and I mean scary music and sound effects for your party or ahunted house at an econmical price.
our price: $0.12 cart OUT OF STOCK

King's Crown King's Crown
Goth style crown with dragon tooth, spiked and skeletal detailing.
our price: $14.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Popping Skull Illusion Mask Popping Skull Illusion Mask
Dead head smilling skull with large 'hat and skull' peering out of and over top of hat.
our price: $34.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Skele Holding Money In Can Skele Holding Money In Can
Fine detailed plastic skeleton, smoking a cigar and sitting in a trash can counting his hard earned money.
our price: $15.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Skeleton Hand Wine Glass Skeleton Hand Wine Glass
The ultimate Gothic table glassware.
our price: $7.89 cart OUT OF STOCK

Skeleton Spider Skeleton Spider
Talk about creepy! An 8 legged plastic spider made up of human bones including a skeleton head.
our price: $20.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Skull Wreath, Deluxe Skull Wreath, Deluxe
Skull Wreath, Deluxe. Polystyrene, 17 in in diameter Gray/Black detailing with a brown bat attached.
our price: $41.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Tiara Barbed Wire Tiara Barbed Wire
This is one unique tiara! Simulated soft barbed wire surrounds headpiece with netted drape and sequin trim. One size fits most.
our price: $9.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Vampire Skull Vampire Skull
Vampire Skull. Latex Mask.
our price: $23.95 cart IN-STOCK

Vamp Wig Adult Vamp Wig Adult
Goth, short bob style wig with widow's peak front.
our price: $11.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

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