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Blood Living Nightmare (Accessories)
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Blood Living Nightmare

Blood Living Nightmare
If you need blood for an FX effect this is it. Easy to apply squeezable 1 oz tube on a convenient blister card.

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Archery Set Archery Set
Archery Set. Includes bow, 3 suction tipped arrows, and plastic knife.
our price: $4.29 cart IN-STOCK

Cut Off Ear New Cut Off Ear New
Cut Off Ear-New. Professional hollywood vinyl body parts.
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs Custom Fangs Custom
A totally realistic look! Each set of teeth comes complete with a customizing kit.
our price: $16.95 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs, Vampire In Coffin Fangs, Vampire In Coffin
The closest thing to dentist caps. Completely realistic.
our price: $18.95 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Glove Freddy Glove
Brown cloth glove with plastic metal look fasteners and blades to mimic the look of the glove used in A Nightmare on Elm Street.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl
Bring the nightmares to life, with this deluxe 3/4 vinyl Freddy mask.

Remember the signature sweater, hat, and glove (all sold separately) to complete the look.
our price: $18.95 cart IN-STOCK

Gavel Gavel
Plastic realistic gavel with wood grain look finish.
our price: $3.99 cart IN-STOCK

Gloves White Gloves White
Economy cotton gloves, One size
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Left Arm Vinyl Left Arm Vinyl
Left Arm, Vinyl. Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props.
our price: $14.95 cart IN-STOCK

Pitchfork Economy Pitchfork Economy
Pitchfork Economy. Heavy duty plastic pitchfork with black handle 2ft tall.
our price: $1.89 cart IN-STOCK

Top Hat Child Durashape Top Hat Child Durashape
Child size hat made of Durashape(R) material.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Vernet Finger Set Vernet Finger Set
Complete set of vernet finger and thumb tips.
our price: $12.29 cart IN-STOCK

Zombie Zombie
Includes: pants with Zombie thigh and knee bones, Zombie mask, shirt with rotted flesh chest, skeletal forearms, skeletal gloves.
our price: $57.95 cart IN-STOCK

Bull Whip,7' Bull Whip,7'
Tough 7 foot long braided leather whip. Not intended for actual use.
our price: $3.99 cart IN-STOCK

Capsules [6] W/.5Oz. Blood Capsules [6] W/.5Oz. Blood
Capsules (6) W/. 5Oz. Blood.
our price: $3.79 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs Dentures, Vampire Fangs Dentures, Vampire
Very natural look. Simply slip over your own teeth.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Fangs Glo Mouth Fangs Glo Mouth
This 'glo' mouthpiece fits over your own teeth, can be used over and over again.
our price: $1.79 cart IN-STOCK

Lipstick Lipstick
Colored lips - nice addition to any ghoul or monster, etc
our price: $1.69 cart IN-STOCK

Metal Harpo Horn Metal Harpo Horn
Harpo Horn, Metal
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Nose Sponge Animal,Black Nose Sponge Animal,Black
Nose Sponge Animal,Black. Black sponge nose with slit for easy fit.
our price: $1.09 cart IN-STOCK

Grass Skirt Real Grass Skirt Real
This real Grass Skirt is the economy model.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Shield  Deluxe Shield Deluxe
Plastic sheild with gold-colored crest.
our price: $10.95 cart IN-STOCK

Squirt Blood,.5 Oz,Dark Squirt Blood,.5 Oz,Dark
Squirt Blood,. 5 Oz,Dark. A waterbase (not syrup) blood.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Stage Blood,Carded Stage Blood,Carded
Stage Blood,Carded. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Tattoo,Blood Drip Fx Tattoo,Blood Drip Fx
Hollywood Quality. A truly 3 Dimensional look that is applied with one dimensional ease.
our price: $2.39 cart IN-STOCK

Wings, Child Butterfly Wings, Child Butterfly
Beautifully colored nylon Butterfly Wings.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Adult Thigh High Fence Net Adult Thigh High Fence Net
Sexy fence net thigh highs.
our price: $3.79 cart IN-STOCK

Ball & Chain Ball & Chain
Ball & Chain. Plastic ball with metal chain.
our price: $2.99 cart IN-STOCK

Blood, Hollywood Gel F/X Blood, Hollywood Gel F/X
Great for wounds and fabulous effects.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

Eyelash Adhesive Mini Tube Eyelash Adhesive Mini Tube
Natural Eyelash Glue(R) Rubber Latex 1 gram.
our price: $1.09 cart IN-STOCK

Gauze Skull Mask 2 Gauze Skull Mask 2
Horrifying Zombie mask with rotted-look stringy detailing.
our price: $10.19 cart IN-STOCK

Right Leg, Vinyl Right Leg, Vinyl
Right Leg, Vinyl. Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props.
our price: $15.95 cart IN-STOCK

Rigid Collodion 1/4Oz Rigid Collodion 1/4Oz
Rigid Collodion 1/4Oz. A clear solution used to create scarring effects when applied directly to dry skin.
our price: $4.89 cart IN-STOCK

Scenester Wig Scenester Wig
Super Scenester WigSpeaking of strange.
our price: $16.95 cart IN-STOCK

Stage Blood 4.5 Oz Stage Blood 4.5 Oz
Stage Blood 4. 5 Oz. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

Werewolf Living Nightmare Werewolf Living Nightmare
You can now become your favorite 'Ghoul'.
our price: $5.89 cart IN-STOCK

Lady In Waiting Adult Lady In Waiting Adult
Includes: mini dress with lace up front bodice, translucent drop sleeves and matching sleeve ends, with long trail back.
our price: $53.95 cart SPECIAL ORDER

Mace Soft Mace Soft
This medieval weapon is made of a safe, soft padded material, can be swung at someone on stage without hurting them.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Nose Rabbit W/Elastic Nose Rabbit W/Elastic
Realistic vinyl nose easily held on with elastic band.
our price: $2.29 cart IN-STOCK

Wrist Band Spiked Wrist Band Spiked
Real leather band with to rows of metal studs attached.
our price: $4.39 cart IN-STOCK

Ghouldilocks Adult Ghouldilocks Adult
Includes dress with shredded strip look and matching corset top.
our price: $38.95 cart IN-STOCK

Nail Polish Carded,Black Nail Polish Carded,Black
Nail Polish Carded,Black. Full size, high fashion nail polish.
our price: $3.29 cart IN-STOCK

Tommy Gun,Black Tommy Gun,Black
Plastic replica of classic tommy gun.
our price: $9.29 cart IN-STOCK

Alien Green Blood Alien Green Blood
Straight from the Alien's pulsating veins.
our price: $1.69 cart IN-STOCK

Glasses Slayer Glasses Slayer
Very trendy and modern look glasses. What a great costume accessory!
our price: $5.99 cart IN-STOCK

Scream Mask Scream Mask
Scream Mask. Slicew and Dice, This face Mask Glows in the Dark, has a black cloth hood attached, Seen in The Movie "Scream".
our price: $8.79 cart IN-STOCK

Slashed Wrist Slashed Wrist
Just like the special effects artists use in Hollywood.
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

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