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Gun Double Agent (Accessories)
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Gun Double Agent

Gun Double Agent
Heavy feel, hard plastic gun. Pull the trigger for a loud click. Measures 7 inches long x 5 inches high. "TRY ME" header card.

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Bullet Thru Window Bullet Thru Window
Realistic bullet split into two sections, one for each side of window.
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Matrix Neo Matrix Neo
Long Split Front Coat and Glasses.
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Mustache 70S Dude Black Mustache 70S Dude Black
Now you can be anyone you want with these quality mustaches.
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Shoulder Holster With Gun Shoulder Holster With Gun
Shoulder Holster With Gun. Complete with plastic revolver.
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Spider Web W Spiders 40Gr Spider Web W Spiders 40Gr
Create the look of old musty spider-ridden space with stretch spiderwebs and spiders.
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Bull Whip,7' Bull Whip,7'
Tough 7 foot long braided leather whip. Not intended for actual use.
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Rapper Medallion Pimp Daddy Rapper Medallion Pimp Daddy
All rapper medallions on a 15 inch metal chain.
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Rock Star Sideburns Rock Star Sideburns
Rock Star Sideburns. Self adhesive mustache.
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Spider 11 Spider 11"
Imported vinyl spider. Packed in case pack of 24.
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Spider Black W/Suction Cup Spider Black W/Suction Cup
Spider Black W/Suction Cup.
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Matrix Trinity Matrix Trinity
Matrix Trinity. Deluxe patent leather-like vinyl coat and glasses.
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Spider Plastic 2 1/2 Spider Plastic 2 1/2"
Spider Plastic 2 1/2". Clips to almost anything.
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Bling Rings Pimp Bling Rings Pimp
Plastic adjustable rings with authentic gangster rap look.
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Bloody Knife Bloody Knife
Hold knife in a downward position and the blood runs down the blade.
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Lamp Shade Cover Lamp Shade Cover
1 multiple skull design, adjustable to fit lampshades up to 16 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height.
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Pixie Space Girl Wig Black Pixie Space Girl Wig Black
Pixie Space Girl WigShort, stylish, tight cut wig.
our price: $9.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Sofa Cover Sofa Cover
Skull in iron maiden look. Pull over sofa measuring 74in x 96in.
our price: $26.68 cart OUT OF STOCK

Underworld Selene Underworld Selene
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V For Vendetta Gloves V For Vendetta Gloves
The Verdict Is To Be Anounced!
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V For Vendetta Wig V For Vendetta Wig
Straight black cropped-style wig to match hat and mask from the movie V for Vendetta.
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Badge Police,Jumbo Badge Police,Jumbo
Jumbo plastic badge with SPECIAL POLICE in a ring around the center.
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Cockroach 2 Inch Econo Cockroach 2 Inch Econo
Cockroach 2" Econo. 2" long Life-like in color and design.
our price: $0.29 cart OUT OF STOCK

M16 Submachine Gun M16 Submachine Gun
M16 Submachine Gun. Plastic M16 Rifle with realistic spark and sound when trigger is pulled.
our price: $9.29 cart IN-STOCK

Vendetta Costume Vendetta Costume
Officially licensed V-for-Vendetta Costume.
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Drips Of Blood Drips Of Blood
Drips Of Blood. Simply attach to any vertical surface for a real gory look.
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Got Busted Jumpsuit/Orange Got Busted Jumpsuit/Orange
Our Got Busted Adult costume includes one-piece orange jumpsuit with self-lock strip closure, screened number on front and "GOTBUSTED PENITENTIARY" printed on back.
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Mac Daddy Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy Pimp Costume - Adult Size Fits Up to 6' Tall and 200lbs.
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Snake 12 Snake 12" Economy
Snake 12" Economy. Made of vinyl.
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Van Helsing Tojo Van Helsing Tojo
Plastic replica of Van Helsing weapon of choice. Look Out.
our price: $8.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Werewolf Costume Plus Brown Werewolf Costume Plus Brown
Costume includes: tattered shirt, deluxe fur hands, quality mask with fangs. Simply ad a raggedy pair of pants and you will complete the look.
our price: $59.95 cart IN-STOCK

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