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Ninja Sword Double (Accessories)
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Ninja Sword Double

Ninja Sword Double
Plastic 24 inch swords in sheath with back straps that gives an authentic 'Ninja' look.

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Ninja Bat Dagger Ninja Bat Dagger
Ninja Shadow Dragon accessory for kids. Length 13 inches.
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Ninja Weapon Kit Ninja Weapon Kit
Plastic warrior set includes 1 - 31 inch Ninja Sword, 1 - 12inch Numchuck, 2 - Sais Knives and 3 throwing stars.
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Sword Ninja Wooden Sword Ninja Wooden
Our Ninja Sword measures 40 inches long.
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Sword Economy Ninja Sword Economy Ninja
Sword Economy Ninja. 24 inch long plastic sword with attractive sheath, Assorted colors.
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Sword, Bleeding Ninja Sword, Bleeding Ninja
Sword, Bleeding Ninja. Sword with added featurewhen blade is held in down position 'Blood' runs out of the handle and collects at pointed end of swordwhen sword is raised 'Blood' runs back into handle.
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