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Cigarette Holder, Deluxe (Accessories)
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Cigarette Holder, Deluxe

Cigarette Holder, Deluxe
Cigarette Holder,Deluxe. Top quality 14" telescoping metal holder with cigarette ejecting feature.

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Swagger Stick, Heavy, Black Swagger Stick, Heavy, Black
Heavy Swagger Stick - 36 Inches long.
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Cigarette Holder, Plastic Cigarette Holder, Plastic
12 inch long black holder with white tapered tip mouthpiece tip and silver tip for cigarette.
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Pipe Economy Corncob Pipe Economy Corncob
Real corn cob end on a plastic handle. Perfect way to complete a country costume.
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Pipe Sherlock Pipe Sherlock
Pipe Sherlock. Authentic "Sherlock Holmes" styled plastic pipe.
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Animal Head Cane Animal Head Cane
Handsome brass handled cane with three parts for easy manageability.
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Swagger Stick, Riding Crop, Thin,Black Swagger Stick, Riding Crop, Thin,Black
Swagger Stick,Thin,Black. 35" Long with white handle.

A swagger stick is a short stick or riding crop usually carried by a uniformed person as a symbol of authority. A swagger stick is shorter than a staff or cane.

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Cane Bamboo Cane Bamboo
Cane Bamboo. 36" Dark brown bamboo cane is lightweight but has the appearance of much heavier cane.
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Cane Shooting Cane Shooting
Cane Shooting. Comes complete with caps to shoot at will.
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Cane Witch Doctor Cane Witch Doctor
Black 36'' handcarved cane with witch doctor's head for the handle.
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Cigarette Hldr, Mini Cigarette Hldr, Mini
Cigarette Hldr, Mini. 4" Long black plastic holder with silver tip trim.
our price: $1.09 cart OUT OF STOCK

Fashion Cane Fashion Cane
Fashion Cane. 37" handcarved wooded cane.
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Pipe, Peace Pipe, Peace
Pipe, Peace. Decorated wood with leather and feather trim.
our price: $10.89 cart OUT OF STOCK

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