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Hands Vampire (Accessories)
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Hands Vampire

Hands Vampire
All latex character hands.

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This mask is totally unique.
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Feet Jumbo Rubber, Deluxe Feet Jumbo Rubber, Deluxe
Feet Jumbo Rubber, Deluxe. Heavy rubber feet in a jumbo size.
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Gloves Werewolf Brown Gloves Werewolf Brown
16 inch long cloth gloves with fur and latex covering.
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Gollum Mask Gollum Mask
Deluxe Collector's movie quality, full over the head latex mask that is similar to the look of Smeagol in The Lord of the Rings film.
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Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku
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Stage Blood,Carded Stage Blood,Carded
Stage Blood,Carded. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
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Alien Mask Chrome Eyes W Cape Alien Mask Chrome Eyes W Cape
Alien Mask(Chrome Eyes)W/Cape.
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Barbed Wire Rust 20 Ft Barbed Wire Rust 20 Ft
20 foot garland that gives you the look of rusted barbed wire.
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Beating Heart Beating Heart
Beating Heart. Realistic latex human heart that actually beats.
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Cape, Diamond Velvet Black Cape, Diamond Velvet Black
Velvet Lined Cape With Capelet Collar 74" Black.
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Blasted Head Premiere Mask Blasted Head Premiere Mask
Imagine a human head taken completely apart. A full over-the-head latex mask that is blown completely apart.
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Carnivore Mask Carnivore Mask
Deluxe full over the head latex mask. Individually hand painted.
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Ghoul Print Dorian Gray Ghoul Print Dorian Gray
Character changes into ghoulish aberration right before your eyes.
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Hands Monster Hands Monster
All latex character hands.
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Immortalia The Gothic Witch Immortalia The Gothic Witch
Immortalia The Gothic Witch.
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Kronos Mask & Shoulders Kronos Mask & Shoulders
Kronos Mask & Shoulders. Latex mask and shoulders only!.
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Necromancer Necromancer
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Rat Realistic Rat Realistic
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Vampire Demon Mask Vampire Demon Mask
Out of the depths of despair comes a creature so despicable you won't believe your eyes. Complete over the head latex mask.
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Vampire Mini Monster Vampire Mini Monster
Purple face vampire mask has attached black hair, pointed ears, and vampire fangs made of soft, natural latex.
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Worms Bloody Worms Bloody
Slimy, wet feeling worms. So gross you can hardly stand it.
our price: $2.19 cart OUT OF STOCK

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