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Freddy Sweater Std Size (Accessories)
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Freddy Sweater Std Size

Freddy Sweater Std Size
Finally here is the official Freddy Krueger sweater. Red/Green striped sweater with worn look collar and bottom area. Simply add the Freddy Mask and Glove to complete the look. Adult size 38-44. Polyester.

our price: $ 34.95 reg: 35.36


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Freddy Fedora Freddy Fedora
Polyfoam hat can be used with any of the Freddy Masks to finalize that 'Krueger' look,
our price: $7.69 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Glove Freddy Glove
Brown cloth glove with plastic metal look fasteners and blades to mimic the look of the glove used in A Nightmare on Elm Street.
our price: $8.19 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl Freddy Mask 3/4 Vinyl
Bring the nightmares to life, with this deluxe 3/4 vinyl Freddy mask.

Remember the signature sweater, hat, and glove (all sold separately) to complete the look.
our price: $18.95 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Metal Glove Deluxe Freddy Metal Glove Deluxe
Real metal detailing gives you the most realistic movie look possible.
our price: $53.95 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Chest Of Souls Sweater Freddy Chest Of Souls Sweater
Freddy sweater with horrific latex chest of souls attached.
our price: $46.95 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Trick Arm Freddy Trick Arm
Full size, all cloth arm with traditional sweater and Freddy Glove attached.
our price: $13.95 cart IN-STOCK

Freddy Glass Grab. Misty Face Freddy Glass Grab. Misty Face
Wall photo shoes Freddy looking through a steamed mirror.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

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