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Tombstone 3 Pack (Props & Decor)
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Tombstone 3 Pack

Tombstone 3 Pack
Three hard foam realistic tombstones with standup pegged bottoms. All packed together with 6 black long stem roses.

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Heart Heart
Heart. 7 inches long. Heart Prop.
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Torn Fishnets Adult Torn Fishnets Adult
The next time you need to look old & worn down try these.
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Eyelashes Feather Black Eyelashes Feather Black
Deluxe Quality Eyelashes. Adhesive included with each set of lashes.
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Shiny Glitter, Click For Colors Shiny Glitter, Click For Colors
Glitter Morris,Opalescent,7/8. Our own special design.
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Floor Mat Floor Mat
Look out or you will join your friends down there.
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Beating Heart Beating Heart
Beating Heart. Realistic latex human heart that actually beats.
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Blood Capsules Blood Capsules
If frothing mouth blood is needed, these 8 blood capsules will do the trick.
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Candle Coffin Hidden Horror Candle Coffin Hidden Horror
Spooky Casket Candle - Melts to Expose a Surprise.
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Cheerleader Sexy Fatsuit Adult Cheerleader Sexy Fatsuit Adult
Long sleeve dress with big ole belly and breasts made right on.
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Freaknmonster Creature Reacher Freaknmonster Creature Reacher
This Freak-n-Monster is one big dude.
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Ripunzel Adult Std Sz Costume Ripunzel Adult Std Sz Costume
Off shoulder, low cut dress with multiple hanging fringe layers.
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Sofa Cover Sofa Cover
Skull in iron maiden look. Pull over sofa measuring 74in x 96in.
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Batman Adult Muscle Chest Larg Batman Adult Muscle Chest Larg
Deluxe costume includes: headpiece with attached cape, muscle chest jumpsuit, boot tops, belt, trunks, Batman insignia.
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Midnight Fairy Child Midnight Fairy Child
Dress with tie, wand, wings and shoulder tatters. Medium 8-10.
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Queen Of Darkness Queen Of Darkness
Costume includes: full length low cut dress with medieval style crest on front, stand up collar and cape.
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Skull Extra Large Prop Skull Extra Large Prop
Hard foam skull with 360 degree view. Jaw doesn't move.
our price: $40.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Blood Drips Sign, Beware Blood Drips Sign, Beware
What could be more terrifying.
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Bloody Foot Bloody Foot
Oh! Wow! Look at that! Caucasian vinyl foot attached to foamed ripped off pant leg.
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Bodystocking, Spiderweb Bodystocking, Spiderweb
Bodystocking, Spiderweb. Lace turtleneck bodystocking. Long sleeve.
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Brain Brain
Realistic gory body part that is thinking of you in its nightmares.
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Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath
The wizard points his finger at a candle or any open flame, a bolt of fire shoots from his finger.
our price: $3.79 cart OUT OF STOCK

Goblet Bloody Spider Goblet Bloody Spider
Goblet Bloody Spider. An unusual looking plastic glass with a 'black widow' spider and webbing on the outer side and an inner liner with blood-like fluid that flows around the glass when moved.
our price: $5.39 cart OUT OF STOCK

Ground Breaker Light Skeleton Ground Breaker Light Skeleton
Bones measure 6-13 inches long.
our price: $51.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Hanging Deco-30 Hanging Deco-30" Reaper
Frightening static hanging 'Reaper' character.
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Hanging Deco-30 Hanging Deco-30" Vampire
Frightening static hanging 'Vampire' character.
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Haunted House Tape Haunted House Tape
Scary, and I mean scary music and sound effects for your party or ahunted house at an econmical price.
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Skeleton Hand Wine Glass Skeleton Hand Wine Glass
The ultimate Gothic table glassware.
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Skeletons Glow Hang Ups Skeletons Glow Hang Ups
Glow Hang-up Skeletons - 13" Tall by 4. 5" Wide.
our price: $2.29 cart OUT OF STOCK

Skull Heads 3.25 Inches Skull Heads 3.25 Inches
3.25 inch hard poly foam skulls with hanging loop attached.
our price: $2.09 cart OUT OF STOCK

Spooky Spiders And Webs Spooky Spiders And Webs
Instant spiderwebs. Simply pull and stretch to the most realistic look possible.
our price: $5.99 cart IN-STOCK

Teen Titan Robin Deluxe Toddler Teen Titan Robin Deluxe Toddler
"Muscle chest jumpsuit with cape, belt, boot covers and headpiece.
our price: $40.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

Wings Black Gauze Wings Black Gauze
Gauze wings with distressed look. Black only.
our price: $20.95 cart OUT OF STOCK

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