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Sunday, May 13, 2012  0 Comments

PaxEast The Fun You Missed!

PAX East 2012 was definitely a memorable event.  

This amazing three day cosplaying experience was inundated with all kinds of gaming characters.  The event took place in Boston, MA in the beginning of April.  People who attended were entertained beyond imagination.  If you were one of the people who missed it, you missed an awesome and noteworthy production of
talented cosplayers.  

The costumes were incredibly articulate and authentic as characters from everything from Mass Effect to Transformers were given presence at PAX East 2012.  Attenders had the opportunity to sample a variety of games and activities while demonstrating their favorite characters.  

And many PAX East attenders this year spared no expense when making their costumes as true-to-form as possible.  You would have almost expected
Bumblebee to transform into a car at any given moment; or incredible battles to break out between arch rivals from several popular games.  The key, it seems, is in the details.  

Cosplaying costumes depend on details in order to be the absolute best.  It doesn't matter which character you portray, or what type of convention you plan on attending.  The most authentic costumes constantly come away with the recognition every cosplayer is after when planning their attire for that special event.  

PAX East 2012 certainly made its mark on Boston.  Those who attended this amazing convention had the opportunity to witness a remarkable amount of cosplaying talent that weekend.  And for those who didn't attend, do some brainstorming and get that
cosplay costume together!  With talent and fun like this, make sure you don't miss the next one.  And with the right planning and preparation, you may just come out the star!

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