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Monday, August 22, 2011  0 Comments

Get to Know Metrocon – An Anime Cosplay Haven

Did you know that Metrocon is Florida’s largest anime convention? Whether you’re a Floridian or traveling from out of state, the convention is an amazing excuse to take part in cosplay.

The convention was founded by in 2003, and since then, has grown to become one of the best events for anime lovers and cosplay enthusiasts in the country. At Metrocon, the 5000 members of the community can meet up with each other in person.

Besides being an excuse to dress up in costume, this event also gives attendees several other great reasons to join in the fun. Events like Anime Human Chess Match, Fantasy masquerade, and the METRO Star Party are sure to keep guests entertained.

Metrocon takes place every year at the Tampa Convention Center in the heart of downtown Tampa. The convention is huge, taking up a whopping 75,000 square feet of the convention center’s available space for an entire weekend. Metrocon, LLC and Team dynamite Productions, LLC, partners in putting on today’s Metrocon conventions, have plans to transform the convention into a four day event once they reach 10,000 attendees.

Events like Metrocon, are something that costume lovers can truly look forward to each year. As you are making plans to attend the event, don’t forget to plan your character costume (or characters) in advance! Conventions are your time to have fun and show off your cosplay spirit. For anime focused conventions, Moon Costumes has you covered when it comes to one stop shopping! At Moon Costumes you’ll find the hottest character wear from FullMetal Alchemist, Dragonball, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, and more.

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