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Sunday, October 13, 2013  0 Comments

There is No Denying it Halloween is Close

At Moon Costumes, this is our favorite time of year! What are you planning to be for Halloween? Whether you want a twist on an old classic like our Alice costume, or you're joining the kids dressed as a Crayola Crayon, you're in the right place to find a costume that will entertain unlike any other.

Amaze Your Friends at Your Upcoming Halloween Party
Do you have an upcoming Halloween party you plan on attending this year? Maybe you decided to take the bull by the horns, and this year, you're hosting your own party. Either way, you must have a costume that makes a statement. If you ask anyone who knows costumes, they'll tell you that the best ones are the ones that include great attention to detail. Don't leave out the wigs, fancy makeup or other accessories when you're planning what you'll wear on the big night.

Encourage Your Kids' Creativity
What do your kids want to be for Halloween this year? Instead of going for the same old, boring character costumes, why not help them choose something unique. There will be lots of Transformers and Princesses at school during the Halloween parade, so give your kids some ideas that will spark some creativity. Perhaps your daughter would enjoy dressing as her favorite animal, or maybe your son would love to become a member of the SWAT team for a day. There are so many choices; you'll have a hard time picking just one.

Moon Costumes is the best place to go for all of your Halloween needs. Check out our online store for everything you need today! 



Thursday, July 11, 2013  0 Comments

Want to Be a Character from the Game of Thrones

In the anticipation of watching the struggle for the Iron Throne, fans all over have started tuning in to catch Game of Thrones on HBO.

Excitement of the Show

The intrigue that's followed this incredible fantasy drama series is unparalleled. The characters are living in a time when a lengthy summer (a decade long) is approaching an end. They're preparing for a long winter season, while at the same time; they're in a civil war. It's a constant battle for power that's filled with surprises with every new episode.

Character Costumes

Because of the popularity of this incredible HBO drama, as you can imagine, character costumes from Game of Thrones are also growing in popularity as well. They've become favorites at cosplay conventions and costume parties. Game of Thrones costumes have become in such high demand, in fact, that by choosing a custom Game of Thrones costume from Moon Costumes, you'll definitely have everyone's attention when you wear it.

Choosing a Custom Costume

When it comes to specialty costumes like for the characters of Game of Thrones, having one custom made is the best option. You'll be very impressed with the finished product, and it will last you for years to come. Whether you have your heart set on Petyr Baelish or Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, you'll love the quality of your costume.

Ordering a
custom costume through Moon Costumes only takes a few minutes. In as little as a few weeks' time, you'll have the finished product. What do you say? Ready for us to start your custom costume? Just fill out the commission form and we'll get started!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013  0 Comments

Need a New Outfit For Your Next Paintball/ Airsoft Tournament? We’ve Got You Covered

 If you love playing paintball or airsoft, you know how important it is that you have the right outfit. Whether you love to play every weekend as a part of a league, or you enjoy it once in a while, these two sports require the right attire in order to help you play the game well, and remain safe as you play.


For the serious paintball and airsoft players, wearing sweats just won't do. You'll enjoy the game better if you invest in clothing that will bring you to a new level of excellence as you play. You'll also add value to yourself as a member of your team. Camouflage costumes like our
Navy Seal Adult Costume are the best choice for paintball and airsoft because they help you remain stealthy as you play. A great camouflage costume can mean the difference between winning and losing.


Safety is vital when playing paintball or airsoft. The ammunition in these games (the paint and the pellets) can be rather painful when they strike the skin. So, it's important to wear clothing that will offer you as much protection as possible. Our
U.S. Army Ranger costume offers you some protection in areas you'll need it the most, such as the knees and in the chest. Even though it's recommended that you wear additional layers beneath these costumes, you'll look the part of a great soldier and remain safe.

Do you have a paintball or airsoft game coming up? Be prepared with the right outfit. Visit our
Costume Shop Online shop to see our incredible selection.



Wednesday, May 1, 2013  0 Comments

Who Needs a Special Occasion to Dress Up?

At Moon Costumes, we're firm believers that just about any time is a great time to don a costume. Who says they have to be reserved for Halloween, costume parties or cosplay conventions? There are many times when wearing a costume can add a little bit of fun to what you're doing.

Sporting Events

Team mascot costumes are great for attending games, but they're also awesome for when your buddy is having all the guys over for a game at his house. If you want to put a unique spin on your costume, you should check out our
walking illusion costumes. You'll show your team spirit while you bring a smile to everyone's face.

Toga Time

There's nothing like a great
toga costume, and we have some of the best ones you'll ever find. Whether you're a college student who needs to dress in a toga for a party, or you just want to have a great toga costume in your closet in case the mood strikes you, you'll find just what you're looking for in our shop. If you're a college student, it's always a good idea to have a toga on hand. We have both male and female varieties, so you're sure to find something you love.

Costumes are the perfect solution to a boring Saturday night in, or an exciting night on the town. We want to encourage you to think of something different you can do with your
costume. Have fun, and be a little wild! After all, what good is a great costume if you don't show it off?



Monday, February 18, 2013  0 Comments

Spring Break is Coming Get Your Accessories to Make Your Party Memorable.

Believe it or not, this cold weather will soon give way to warmer temperatures; and then you know what that means...

Spring break will be here!

Now's the time to start planning to be sure you have everything you need to make this spring break everything you hoped it could be, and more.

There's a great deal of planning that goes into having a great party.  Details make the difference between a party that's just "OK" and one that will make people want to keep coming back if you're the guy in charge of the fun.  Think back to some of the parties you've attended in the past.  What made them  great?  What made you want to go home early?

At Moon Costumes, we can help you with the supplies you'll need to have an unforgettable spring break.  If you've always wanted to be known as the guy who throws the best parties, you've come to the right place.

Lights are great party accessories.  Whether you're looking for spotlights to enhance the fun on the dance floor, or something more decorative, you'll find them in our shop.

Of course, it wouldn't be a party without someone in charge of making the fun happen, right?  Why not don our exclusive Party Animal
costume?  You'll get a great laugh from all of your friends, plus you'll truly be the life of the party.

How can we help your spring break special?  Visit our Moon Costumes shop to find all of the party accessories you could ever need to have an unforgettable spring break this year.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013  0 Comments

ZooLander is Back!

Zoolander Costumes are back by popular demand.  This popular comedy film was directly by Ben Stiller who also stars as the lead character Derek Zoolander.  The film is about a dimwitted male model Derek who becomes a pawn in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia which is being executed by corrupt fashion ceo's.  If you havent watched the movie be sure to check it out on IMDB. 

We have brought back costumes for Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller), Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson, and Mugatu (Will Ferrell).  They all include a movie inspired top, bottom and character wig.  Be sure to practice your Blue Steel pose!

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Friday, February 1, 2013  0 Comments

It’s Never Too Late to be in the Mardi Gras Spirit


Traditionally, Mardi Gras (which is actually French for "Fat Tuesday"), refers to the day before Ash Wednesday.  It's a time when people celebrate by indulging in everything they'll be giving up for the season of Lent, leading up to Easter.  Depending on where you live, Mardi Gras celebrations can extend for months.  For example, in Mobile, Alabama, the festivities kick in during the month of November.  There are countless social events and parades to attend, and the party continues up until Ash Wednesday.  In other parts of the country, Mardi Gras is a three-day celebration leading up to Lent.

Regardless of what the customs are where you live, it's never too late to have a party celebrating Mardi Gras.  At Moon Costumes, we have just what you need to have a great Mardi Gras party.  Costumes are an essential part of this unique celebration, so feel free to go a little crazy with your attire.  You can never go wrong with bright colors.  Why not choose an exquisite
mask to match your favorite glittery dress?

Regardless of what you wear, accessories are a must to create the perfect "Fat Tuesday" look.  You'll find a great selection of
beads in our costume shop to highlight anything you wear.  Feathers can bring even more sparkle to your look.

At Moon Costumes, you'll find everything you need to have a great Mardi Gras party.  Whether you're attending a celebration at a friend's house, or you're planning to hold your own "Fat Tuesday" bash at your home, we can help you
celebrate it in style.  After all, you only live once, right? 

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012  0 Comments

Do You Have a Costume for your Next Costume Party?

If you have a big costume party coming up, chances are you want to wear something that will make a huge impression.  Maybe you even want to "beat" what you wore last year.  Don't stress about that upcoming costume party any longer.  We have a great selection of adult costumes to help you stand out at that upcoming party.  Our selection is unbeatable, and we offer every character you can think of.  

Costumes for Men

Guys, we have some great costumes you're sure to love.  Whether you want to be humorous this year and wear one of our hilarious Shark Attack
costumes, or you want to transform into your favorite superhero and wear an authentic-looking Batman costume, rest assured-we've got you covered.

Costumes for Women

Ladies, you'll love our incredible selection for your upcoming party.  If you're feeling daring, try our Cowboy's Cheerleader
costume.  Or maybe you'd rather go back in time and portray a character like Lucy in an I Love Lucy costume.  Whatever your heart's desire, we've got it.

Couple Costumes

A great way to make an impression, as well as to indicate to everyone that you're a couple, is with
couple costumes.  Maybe you'd like to make everyone laugh by wearing the classic Horse costume.  Or perhaps Olive Oyl and Popeye would suit you better. Couple costumes are always a great choice.

Regardless of what costume you choose, Moon Costumes has a wide variety to choose from.  Visit our online store now to see how we can help make you the star of your next costume party.



Sunday, May 13, 2012  0 Comments

This Cosplay Batman is a Real Hero to Kids with Cancer

 In every sense of the word, Leonard Robinson is a true Superhero.  

By utilizing his resources, as well as his big heart, he spends a vast amount of his time entertaining children in hospitals using his
Batman cosplay costume.  Robinson takes his responsibility as Batman very seriously.  Because of his desire to brighten the bleak days of the children and families he spends time with, Robinson uses only the best accessories in order to make his appearance as Batman as authentic and unforgettable as possible. Not only does he appear exceptionally realistic as the famed Superhero, Robinson also gives out gifts to the children he visits.  Upon receiving a visit from Batman, each child is given t-shirts, hats and other Batman-themed items to brighten their days.  Robinson has been Batman to countless numbers of children since 2001.  

In addition to his
amazing Batman cosplay costume, Robinson creates a true Superhero impression by driving a Batmobile, complete with every detail necessary.  Right down to the floor mats in the vehicle, which proudly display the Batman insignia.  

Robinson is an inspiration to anyone who is interested in cosplay costumes.  Cosplay can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including being a source of entertainment, happiness and hope for children, like the ones Robinson visits every day.  The key to great cosplay costumes, as Batman illustrates so beautifully, is authenticity.  Details are what's important when planning your attire for that upcoming cosplay costume party or event.  

Or maybe you're inspired to make a difference like Leonard Robinson.  Whatever your reason for
cosplay, one thing is certain.  When you choose a beautiful, detail-oriented costume, you will make a lasting impression.  Just like Batman.  

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