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Monday, October 17, 2011  0 Comments

Members of “The Avengers” makes Appearance at New York Comic Con

Attendees at last week’s New York Comic Con are calling the panel discussion presented by the cast of The Avengers just “awesome.” The cast got sci-fi, fantasy, and cosplay fans psyched up for the upcoming new Marvel superhero epic.

The Avengers cast is made up of Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo. Joining them for the Comic Con panel was Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Fans were thrilled to get to listen in for the panel discussion and some lucky fans were even able to ask the stars the questions that were on their mind. Comic Con goers were pleasantly surprised to hear that director Joss Whedon was going to share sneak peek footage of the film to be screened right at a Comic Con.

Unfortunately Scarlett Johansson (who will play Natasha Romanoff) was not in attendance, but those who watched the sneak peek did get to see footage showing Natasha tricking Banner (Mark Ruffalo) into a confrontation in India.

The biggest topic of the night’s question and answer session seemed to be Loki. Several questions were directed to well-loved cast member Tom Hiddleston. Fans were in awe of the super villain and wanted to know more about his role in the film. Critics are saying that Tom will be the true breakout star from the new Avenger’s film.

The Avenger’s panel was just one of the many fun happenings at New York Comic Con this year. Super fans, many dressed in full costume, flooded NYC, its subways, and trains throughout the weekend’s event! If you’re a cosplay fan who missed it, don’t forget to join in for the fun next time.

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