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Monday, April 26, 2010  0 Comments

Twilight Convention in NC

From April 30 - May 2, Charlotte, NC will host the official Twilight Convention. With fantastic guest stars from the film, wonderful programming, panels and events, themed parties, autographs and photo ops, live musical performances and more: make your plans now to join the celebration!

On Friday, Peter Facinelli who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the films will be appearing and hosting the Karaoke contest. Michael Welch, the actor who plays Mike Newton, will be sharing a musical performance.

On Saturday, appearances include Michael Welch and Justin Chon, who plays Eric, as well as representatives from the non-human side of the Twilight world – the actors who portray the Quileute tribe member Billy Black and the imposing Volturi Leader, Marcus. You may even get a chance to dance with them at the Volturi Vampire Ball that night! The ball welcomes those dressed in party attire, upscale casual, or in themed costume, ( ) but they will be giving prizes for the best dressed and the best dancer.

On Sunday, it’s all about the wolf pack – with the actors who play Billy Black and Emily (“the werewolf girl”), Gil Birmingham and Tinsel Korey. Sunday is also the day for the costume competition, so come dressed in your finest costume as any Twilight-themed character or make up your own.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the amazing Twilight Parody The Hillywood Show, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times on Youtube, Twilight Fandom is eagerly awaiting their New Moon Parody as well. You'll love meeting in person and grabbing a photo with them in various character costumes and make-up. Please make sure also to visit their popular website at

They'll also be screening exclusive interviews with the cast of New Moon, including footage with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota, Michael Sheen, the entire Wolf Pack, The Cullens, and more!

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Monday, August 31, 2009  0 Comments

Fabulous Medieval and Renaissance Villains

Take a look through our Medieval and Renaissance Costumes and you’ll find some witches and vampires among them!

Witches and Sorcerers
From the Middle Ages, off and on through the Renaissance, people believed in magic and witch-craft.

Sorceress - tattered dress with overlay and drop sleeves. V-neck front and bottom, matching hat with "all seeing eyeball" medallion necklace as well as matching eye hand piece. Dramatic!

Sorcerer costume includes : black robe with elongated sleeves (floor length!), white stand up collar and black hood.

Mystic Sorcerer - Full length robe, hood with attached cape collar, waist sash, and jeweled bat medallion.

Since vampires are immortal, it stands to reason that they could come from any historical period.

The Blue Vampiress - is a beautiful blue satin dress with drop sleeves, ribbon stitch detailing and a stand up collar.

Flocked Vampiress – a long-sleeved dress with sheer red lower overlay, low cut front, stand up collar and gothic style choker.

Gothic Lace Vampiress - An elegant, long black gothic vampiress gown with stand up gothic collar & choker, and burgundy gothic lace sleeves with tassels and tassel tie belt.

Velvet Victorian Vampiress - Black lace up dress with red inset, and stand-up collar with attached choker.

Velvet Renaissance Vampiress - a velvet black lace up dress, a high red collar.

Renaissance Vampiress - black and red dress with a high red bat-wing collar.

Dark Royalty
These suspiciously-named royals were surely up to no good.

Queen of the Night – Black velvet gown with wire hoop, silver sheer gothic sleeves, silver detailing, headpiece and choker.

Blood Rain Countess – Black velveteen gown with red hood and gothic lace sleeves.

Wicked King - Full length robe with ornate bat wing design chestplate on front. Very stunning! (Crown and goblet not included.)

Queen of Darkness - sleeveless full length, low cut dress with red medieval style cross on front, red-lined stand up collar and cape.

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