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Monday, June 29, 2009  2 Comments

Independence Day Cosplay

There’s nothing more American than spending a holiday weekend celebrating the melting pot of the USA by learning about another culture…or sub-culture for that matter. So if you’re itching for anime and cosplay, here are a few suggestions about how to spend the weekend. It doesn’t matter where you are in the great U-S-of-A, there’s a con going on in your region.

We’ve already told you all about Anime Expo happening in Los Angeles, CA July 2-5, but while you’re there, you might want to visit L.A.’s Maid Café and a shop called JapanLA. Also, the Pacific Asia Museum is running an Anime Film Festival showing Samurai X: The Motion Picture on July 9th.

There’s also Anime Overload happening in Austin, TX, July 3-5. If you were planning to go to this event but haven’t solidified your plans, be sure to note that they’ve changed their location. Their events include:

~ Anime Overload’s Cosplay Contest, for newbies, beginners, veterans or attendees looking for a good show.

~ A Cosplay 101 panel that promises to teach you everything from where to get supplies to how to pick a cosplay idea, and what materials you'll need. Everything to get you started and on the road to becoming a great cosplayer!

~ Cosplay Photography for anyone interested in organizing photo shoots, taking cosplay photos, or simply looking your best when getting your photo taken. You can get valuable insight in this panel, including information about pre and post-production editing and Photoshop tricks.

~ Cosplay Presentation - Learn how to do skits and walk-ons, and how to do them the right way to make your next skit or walk-on an award winning presentation.

And then, Otaku Omaha is taking place in Nebraska July 3-5. There’s still time to register for any of these cons, so get on it!

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Friday, June 26, 2009  0 Comments

Not Too Early to Think Halloween

It's a good time to think about themes for a great Halloween party – a good source is the Portrait section of our Props and Décor page.

Use the Medusa to scare guests into remembering their Greek mythology. The sight of her snakey-hair is bad enough, let’s just hope it doesn’t turn your guests to stone. Create a mythological monster theme by using our Dragon from European mythology and/or the Egyptian Mummy from our Animated Props section.

Admiral Howl, Red-Eye Ralph and Howling Harry might also fit into the mythological monster’s party, since the Greeks called them lycanthropes. But you could build a whole theme around werewolves! Throw a full moon bash and serve bone-shaped cookies. Serve beer in cans that resembles silver bullets, play songs like “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran and “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon. Show “American Werewolf” or “Teen Wolf” on a screen in the background, and howl a lot.

A portrait of Victor Vamp would go nicely at a Vampire-themed party. Hosts could choose their look from our selection of vampire costumes, and we’ve, cute Hanging Props like a door hanger and bouncing vampire, creepy Animated Props like a dropping vampire, a weird walker life-size puppet, makeup, wigs and anything you’d need.

Impress guests with your haunted heirlooms that display family phantasms, like Mistress Claudia, Doctor Satorus, Widow Gore and Mr. and Mrs. Alastare. Then use a cobweb machine, a fog maker and a haunted hotel CD from our Special Effects section to give your spooky house a truly creep-tacular feel.

And for a more fiesta-like feel, make Lustful Loletta the centerpiece of your black velvet-style portrait collection. Loletta wears a sombrero, so you can serve guacamole and red margaritas while showing “From Dusk Till Dawn”, the vampire film set in Mexico.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009  0 Comments

4th of July Costume Fun

Click on our Holiday menu link and you’ll see we have costumes for the 4th of July!

If you’re throwing a party, you could really put a smile on people’s faces if you wear a costume. How much more welcoming could a hostess be than if dressed as the Statue of Liberty? Officially titled “Liberty Enlightening the World” the statue welcomes visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans traveling by ship. You could just en-lighten up the mood while welcoming guests!

And who wouldn’t respond to seeing a smiling Uncle Sam in their midst? As the national personification of the United States, he’s been with us in concept since the War of 1812 and illustrated from 1852. The famous recruitment poster dates from 1917. We’ve got a few style choices and sizes for men or boys, or you can post a dancing tube Uncle Sam on your lawn.

If you’re part of a show at an event, you might want to make use of our various ladies costumes. You can deliver poetry as Miss Liberty, draped in a more colorful blue dress with white stars and a red and white striped sash. Our cute little Lady Sam outfit (pictured) is great for a tap dancing revue, as is Miss Firecracker.
If you’re a magician we’ve got silk flags that can appear out of thin air…if you know the trick.
And if you’re attending a party or going to a big event, these costumes will help everyone around you enjoy the patriotic occasion. Even if you just want to wear good ol’ American blue jeans and merely accessorize, we’ve got accessories too. Check our range of foam, collapsible and cardboard top hats, goatees, and bow ties, or Lady Liberty accessories. They’re so affordable you could buy them for use as party favors along with a flew flags to wave.

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Monday, June 22, 2009  0 Comments

America’s Top Ranked Animes

In a new ranking of Anime sales published in the New York Times (and reported by the Anime News Network), Bleach was at Number One. As you may know, we’ve got 63 Bleach cosplay costumes to choose from--from the dramatic Grimmjow Pantera Form costume to the simplicity and comfort of a Soul Reaper uniform.

Naruto was also in the top 5, and is another one of our most extensive collections of cosplay costumes. We’ve got almost 100 Naruto cosplay costumes to choose from, since this bunch of ninjas each seem to have their own distinctive style. You can see this is true in the video above from the STAC EOY 2008 in Singapore. (Translation: Shiro Tsubasa Animation Club Event of the Year ...or something to that effect).

Ouran High School Host Club takes Number 6 in the ranking. We’ve got girls and boys Ouran High School uniforms and one costume for Tamaki, the president of the Host club and, since he’s considered the most attractive of the hosts, he’s appropriately dubbed the Prince type. What type are you? Natural, Cool, Little Devil, Boy-Lolita or perhaps Strong but Silent?

And Fullmetal Alchemist comes in at Number 9, in front of Japan’s top ranked One Piece. You can be an alchemist…. We’ve got Edward Elric, Riza Hawkeye, and Izumi Curtis ; automail mechanic Winry Rockbell; or you can be a homunculus – we’ve got Lust, and Envy. Which is different from being lustful and/or envious, just so we’re clear.

Of course, you can choose any character in any outfit from anywhere and we can make a custom cosplay costume just for you.

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Friday, June 19, 2009  0 Comments

Wear Top Ranked Anime Costumes

In a recent ranking of Japanese Anime sales reported by the Anime News Network, One Piece came out on top, with sales reaching 1,450,417 copies. We can help you take on less moral pirate crews and the Navy as you search for the world's ultimate treasure with our costumes for Monkey D. Luffy (AKA Straw Hat), swordsman Roronoa Zoro, and two looks for brilliant archaeologist Nico Robin, though we can’t help you replicate body parts.

Number 2 was Bleach. For those of you who prefer to battle evil spirits, we’ve got 63 different costumes to choose from! It's one of our most extensive collections, which corresponds with the massive cast of characters in this series, all of whom possess some degree of paranormal and superhuman abilities, whether humans, Soul Reapers, and hollows. You’ll have to supply your own reiatsu.

D. Gray-man was knocked from it’s previous spot at Number 3 by Drop, but holds on at Number 4. Our D.Grey-man collection includes Allen Walker, his Master Cross Marian, and his fellow exorcists Lavi, Lenalee Lee and Kanda Yuu, plus Millenium Earl. Bring your Innocence and your great heart to battle against the akuma army.

If you don’t really want the forces of good and evil to battle, but to live alongside peacefully, you’ll prefer to cosplay Number 5--Vampire Knight, which is up from Number 8. Our collection includes uniforms from both the day and the night classes at Cross Academy, dedicated to peaceful co-existence.

Of course, you can choose any character in any outfit from anywhere and we can make a custom cosplay costume just for you.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009  0 Comments

Father’s Day Weekend Cosplay

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and so is the Anime Mid-Atlantic 2009 con in Richmond, Virginia. So if you’re planning to go, you’d better make some arrangements to either include Dad or squeeze him in somehow.

This year, Anime Mid-Atlantic has three separate competitive cosplay events. During the Saturday night Masquerade, cosplayers can perform and showcase their craft and showmanship talents on the grand stage. For those who aren’t quite ready for the bright lights of the stage, you can also enter the Hall Costume Contest during Friday and Saturday. And lastly, the Fan Favorite Costume Contest is open to anyone in a costume who would like to have the attendees vote on photos of their costumes.

Also, professional cosplay model, Yunmao Ayakawa, will be a guest. From the Akihabara region of Tokyo, Japan, she has gained worldwide fame as the region’s spokeswoman and foremost authority on cosplay and the Maid Idol industry. She’s even a board member of the Nihon Maid Association. She currently writes articles for Japan based periodicals like Manichi Newspaper, (Japan), Cosmode Magazine and in 2007 became the first Japanese cosplayer to write articles for an American magazine; Otaku USA where she writes exclusive articles on cosplay and Japan's latest Otaku trends.

This year, she’ll be interviewing cosplayers for her "Cosplay Café" article in Otaku USA magazine. Interviews will take place at the TenBu Productions table in the Vendors Room at 3:30PM on Saturday, so show up in your best cosplay costume. You’ll be interviewed and take a picture with Yunmao Ayakawa, which could get you featured in her column—and some interviews and images may even appear in Japanese press. Yunmao is looking forward to meeting cosplayers and seeing all their great costumes, and it’s a great opportunity for all aspiring cosplayers to meet and learn from a real Japanese pro.

And who knows? Your dad might like her too!

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Monday, June 15, 2009  0 Comments

Cosplay can Lead to Handcuffs

Cosplayers really love to look authentic, which is why it must be the highest level of compliment to be arrested for looking too threatening – especially if you’re dressed as a militaristic zombie from the Resident Evil franchise.

It happened to one man a few weeks ago, when he was the first to arrive at the Metro Clothing store for a zombie crawl to promote the Crypticon Horror Convention at the Seattle Center the following weekend. Wearing all black, knee pads, a knife, grenade, a gas mask, and carrying what looked to be a machine gun, he frightened the people on the street enough to call the police. At least he won the top prize.

He was dressed as HUNK, a member of the Umbrella Special Forces Unit in Resident Evil 2. If you dare to scare like this guy did, we can make a custom costume of HUNK’s clothing to fit you. But if you’re not quite up to challenging the authorities, you can try some of our other Resident Evil costumes. We have:

Leon Scott Kennedy - from Resident Evil 4, where he has become a special agent for the US government, and is assigned to rescue the newly-elected President's daughter.

Ada Wong - from Resident Evil 4, where she assists Leon in his mission to rescue the new First Daughter, although her true objective is to obtain a sample of the Las Plagas parasites.

Alice - from Resident Evil Extinction, part of the film series based on the video games.

Moon Costumes wants you look authentic, but we don’t want you to get arrested. Cosplay responsibly!

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Friday, June 12, 2009  0 Comments

Anime and Cosplay in Canada

Anime Evolution is happening this weekend, June 12 – 14 in Vancouver! Their website tells us: “The three-day convention is expected to draw close to 5,000 people and brings together art, animation (anime), comic books (manga), video games, film and music in a celebration of Asian popular culture and multimedia.”

Events include, of course, a cosplay contest, an Anime idol singing contest and a dance contest called “Anime’s Best Dance Crew” and certainly the judges would be appreciative of a nice cosplay costume as well.

For this competition, crews of four or more members perform to music from an anime or video game series. The dances should reflect the series the music is from. The crews get to make their own flags or banners to identify themselves, too. And then, an exciting twist—an additional theme will be presented before the start of the contest, for example, you might be asked to use a certain prop in your dance, or you might be told to include a certain dance style in your performance. It’s a three-round competition, so for the first two rounds, the crews will dance to songs they’ve pre-selected. But the final round pit the two best crews against each other in a dance battle to randomly selected music. Sounds exciting!

The winner will be determined afterwards and they’ll also be asked to perform at the closing ceremonies.

The con’s full schedule is online now, but if you can’t make it, but still want to keep up what’s happening or get ready for next year, they have Facebook group, a MySpace group and a channel on YouTube.

So if you’re in or near the Pacific Northwest, have an awesome costume, and are ready for some Cosplay, drop in and see what’s happening at Anime Evolution 2009.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009  0 Comments

Anime Expo Events in Los Angeles

Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center is coming up in a few weeks, July 2 – 5. Here are some of the Cosplay events you have to look forward to:

AX Idol – In the town where American Idol has rocketed many to stardom, AX Idol offers your chance to win a solo singing or voice acting competition. The song must be from an anime and/or video game, or you can use any monologue from any anime. (Although Cosplay is allowed, it will not be considered in judging.)

Battle of the Bands – For groups to compete using music from an anime TV series/OVA/Movie or anime-themed videogame.

Chibi Masquerade - a non competitive event to show off costumes inspired by any anime, manga, video game or J-Pop Culture. And you can display perform a simple skit, too.

Masquerade - Costumers hailing from around the world have graced this stage with their wonderful costumes and performances. They come for the fame, the glory and that huge trophy, “Best of Show”, in one of the most prestigious anime Masquerades.

Masquerade Ball - all Anime Expo® attendees are welcome to this event, but wearing a costume and mask are highly encouraged. The costume contest is geared toward original ballroom style costume based on or inspired by any Japanese Pop Culture genre. Whether its an anime based costume or Visual Kei influenced, this event is open to all who have a desire to develop a unique ballroom style costume.

There are lots of interactive events, panels and workshops, with tons of special guests and the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation Industry Awards for non-stop anime fun!

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Monday, June 8, 2009  0 Comments

Don't Forget Accessories!

'The ability to accessorize is what separates man from the animals' was one of the many amusing lines from the movie Steel Magnolias. And while this may exactly be true, it does speak to the fact that those who add a little something extra to an outfit, are a cut above the rest.

At Moon Costumes, we know that if you are into cosplay and enjoy dressing up, you want to go all out and make sure that you have all the gear and accessories that you need. No point in dressing up and wearing regular shoes. And you do not want to show up in full costume, but empty-handed, lacking a weapon or a wand to complete the look. Dressing up means going for the total look and not just stopping at the costume, but leaving your face without makeup or not having that hat you need to really pull a costume off.

No matter the costume, we have the accessories to finish it off. Starting with the foundation of the costume--we have petticoats and pantaloons for authenticity. For the outside, we have headbands, ties, canes, hats and goggles.

You can have fun with our wide selection of wacky teeth and fangs. And why not step out with our silver or gold snake bracelets, boa feather, medallions and bling rings?

We have all kinds of amusing purses and bags that you can carry to complete a costume or just for fun. Even when you are not playing Dorothy, you may still want to tote around our Purse Doggie Basket. The Indiana Jones Satchel/Tote Bag can also be used in and out of costume. And with the Purse Beer Mug, you will always have a frosty beer within easy reach.



Sunday, June 7, 2009  0 Comments

Award Winning Pupeteer's Costume

For this costume, the design was meticulously laid out, so we only had to follow the careful instructions.

Although he gives us a lot of credit, a big part the reason it worked so well is because of the care in explaining what needed to be done.

"I love the work you've done to make my costume. As soon as I received the package (which was a day early by the way) I tried on the entire costume. It fit well and worked well with my puppet configuration. Our show's were a smash, and I was complemented not only for my performance, but also for my costume and my dedication to theater to buy the costume. Even though I received the best costume award, you should have all the credit."

Andrew Morton
Kennewick, Washington

Friday, June 5, 2009  0 Comments

Florida Supercon is On

Florida Supercon begins today, and because it caters to fans of comic books, anime, animation, cosplay, fantasy *and* video games, it offers an even wider array of costumes you can wear. The video above from last year’s con should given you some idea.

• You can be one of any number of superheroes,
Characters from sci-fi series like Star Wars, The Matrix or Star Trek
Costumes of female characters from TV or Movies like Chun Li from Street Fighter, Wonder Woman, Judy Jetson from the animated series The Jetsons, Bellatrix from the Harry Potter series, or Arwen from Lord of the Rings.
• Or the costumes of male characters from TV or Movies like Batman, Harry Potter, Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, or a Ghostbuster.

They’ll be holding both a costume contest (involves posing) and a Cosplay competition (involves acting). But in addition they’ll also have a group Cosplay contest that they say is “unlike any other” called Cosplay Rockstar. Here’s the description from their site:

It's easy... you and your friends can enter in cosplay as a band. You can choose a pre-existing anime or animated band (such as Josie and the Pussycats, The Archies, Dethklok, Beck and Nana) or come up with your own idea for a band using your favorite anime or cartoon (imagine Naruto on lead vocals, Sasuke on bass, Gaara on guitar and Temari on drums... or Master Shake on lead vocals, Frylock on bass, Carl on guitar and Meatwad on drums... get the idea?). We'll provide the gear, you bring a CD with a song that your band can lip sync and rock out to. The contest will be based on stage performance and costumes.”

Even if you’re not prepared to dress up or compete this year, you can certainly have a great time getting ideas for the next con.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009  0 Comments

ColossalCon Starts Tomorrow

ColossalCon in Sandusky, Ohio kicks off tomorrow, Thursday June 4th! As an Anime, Gaming, and Japanese Culture Convention, cosplayers are sure to have plenty to enjoy.

Start by showing off your Cosplay costume and moves at the Opening Mixer in the Indigo Lounge at 5pm, and then maybe pop over to check out the concurrently running Rozen Maiden Q&A panel. Then at 6pm, while the mixer continues, you might also want to visit the acting panel hosted by Chuck Huber. He’s a voice actor whom you've probably heard before in Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, or Fullmetal Alchemist, and he's been an ADR director for several anime as well.

The party in the lounge shifts to Karaoke at 7pm and runs until 9pm, and in the meantime there are panels on Anime and Education and the Worst Fan Art ever. A rock band tournament starts in the game room at 8pm, and then from 10 – 11 you can choose from a Gundam Wing Endless Duel, an Anime Improv Experiment, Desert Punk Shuffle Videos or the “Gay Disco Club Retro” in the Lounge, described on ColossalCon’s Forum page this way: “For one night only at Colossalcon, the 1980's rule! Dr. Thunder and Chibi Jae bring forth their massive collections of music that time has forgot but they refuse to let go of. Let out your inner flail and rock it likes it's 1989.”

Thursday is a good introduction to the Con, especially if it’s your first time. The division into four simple rooms: Game, Panel, Video and Lounge, explodes the next day for the rest of the weekend into a possible eight choices each hour throughout the day.

The Cosplay events don’t start until Friday, but the rules still apply. Be sure to check them out, as well as their schedule and map to be fully prepped and ready to go!

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Monday, June 1, 2009  0 Comments

Learning Cosplay from Cosplayers

Here are various tips gathered from cosplayers around cyberspace:

• Think about how you can best re-create your character’s look ahead of time and try a few different ways.
• Messing up your hair may be something you’ll have to live with for a good long while, so don't be too hasty in making your decision. Don’t cut or chop when you can pin, tuck or tie it back.
• Go wig shopping online, and then practice with it to make sure you know how to secure it so that it doesn't come off in the middle of a convention.
• If you want to look more realistic, you can use temporary washable color to dye your hair (this doesn’t include bleaching, which isn’t temporary).
• Flat or curling irons work well, especially when they’re used with hair gel and hair spray to create that 'spikey' look, but can damage hair.

• Make sure you haven’t forgotten your cosplay character’s props!
• Keep in mind that props usually have to be carried around a long time, so even the lightest of props can be a major burden during the day.
• Be sure to check the convention’s security policy to make sure you can take your prop in. You may have to come up with a creative alternative.

• Be ready for attention! People will want to have their pictures taken with you, especially if your cosplay costume is really good.
• If you’re shy, consider a costume that has a mask or covers part of your face. Then have character-specific things ready to say.

• Cosplay is about acting the part. Choose a character you know well and then research and practice.
• It can be helpful if you look like the character you’re cosplaying. It'll make it that much easier to play the part convincingly.
• Cosplay in groups for more comfort and fun!

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