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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greek Life Equals Costume Parties

Now that college is in full swing, if you're a student, you're probably eager to attend lots of toga parties. They're one of the things that make being a college student so much fun. If you've never attended a toga party before, you're in luck! Here at Moon Costumes, we have everything you need to create an awesome Roman Toga costume for that upcoming bash.  

Greek Life for Ladies
When it comes to finding a great toga, it's not enough just to don a bed sheet along with your summer sandals. Ladies, that upcoming party is a chance for you to really strut your stuff! We have a great collection of Greek Goddess costumes, and many of them are enough to get any guy's jaw to drop when you walk into the room. How about our
Short Toga Costume? You'll be the center of attention, and you'll set the standard for every other girl at the party.

Greek Life for Men
Men, don't think you have to be left out when it comes to finding a great costume. If you're planning on attending a toga party, make sure you do so in style. Whether you're interested in playing the part of a Greek god, or you want to wear a costume that depicts you as entering into battle as a Spartan, like in the movie
300, we have everything you need to make a statement...not to mention, get the girl of your dreams.

Toga parties are our specialty, so be sure to check out our shop for every costume and accessory you'll need to make your next toga party a success!


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