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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dress as Your Favorite Game Character for Your Next Event

If you need a great costume for an upcoming event, at Moon Costumes, we want to encourage you to think outside the box. Maybe even dig deep, back into the days of your youth. Everything will be sporting the latest and greatest costumes from their favorite Japanese anime films and shows. Why not try something different?

Back In Those Days...

Do you remember the days when Nintendo was brand new on the scene? Those who had a Nintendo were instantly the most popular kids on the block, and everyone flocked to their houses to play games like The Legend of Zelda. Maybe that was even your favorite game! If it was, why not choose to go to your next cosplay event in a
Link costume? You'll love the great details our Link costume contains, and we even have an awesome royal sword that will give you that finishing touch you're after.

There's Nothing Like a Classic

There was another classic game that was really popular back in those days. Maybe you were an avid Super Mario Brothers fan. Our
Mario costume will help you relive those amazing days of your youth, when you spent hours in your room completing levels and collecting coins. Our Mario costume is sure to get the attention of the other event attenders, and there's no doubt that you'll get some laughs.

Cosplay events are a lot of fun, but wearing the same costumes each time can get a little boring. At Moon Costumes, we'll help you pick out a great costume that you're going to love. Make sure to check out our great selection online! 

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