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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Want to Be a Character from the Game of Thrones

In the anticipation of watching the struggle for the Iron Throne, fans all over have started tuning in to catch Game of Thrones on HBO.

Excitement of the Show

The intrigue that's followed this incredible fantasy drama series is unparalleled. The characters are living in a time when a lengthy summer (a decade long) is approaching an end. They're preparing for a long winter season, while at the same time; they're in a civil war. It's a constant battle for power that's filled with surprises with every new episode.

Character Costumes

Because of the popularity of this incredible HBO drama, as you can imagine, character costumes from Game of Thrones are also growing in popularity as well. They've become favorites at cosplay conventions and costume parties. Game of Thrones costumes have become in such high demand, in fact, that by choosing a custom Game of Thrones costume from Moon Costumes, you'll definitely have everyone's attention when you wear it.

Choosing a Custom Costume

When it comes to specialty costumes like for the characters of Game of Thrones, having one custom made is the best option. You'll be very impressed with the finished product, and it will last you for years to come. Whether you have your heart set on Petyr Baelish or Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, you'll love the quality of your costume.

Ordering a
custom costume through Moon Costumes only takes a few minutes. In as little as a few weeks' time, you'll have the finished product. What do you say? Ready for us to start your custom costume? Just fill out the commission form and we'll get started!

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