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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Need a New Outfit For Your Next Paintball/ Airsoft Tournament? We’ve Got You Covered

 If you love playing paintball or airsoft, you know how important it is that you have the right outfit. Whether you love to play every weekend as a part of a league, or you enjoy it once in a while, these two sports require the right attire in order to help you play the game well, and remain safe as you play.


For the serious paintball and airsoft players, wearing sweats just won't do. You'll enjoy the game better if you invest in clothing that will bring you to a new level of excellence as you play. You'll also add value to yourself as a member of your team. Camouflage costumes like our
Navy Seal Adult Costume are the best choice for paintball and airsoft because they help you remain stealthy as you play. A great camouflage costume can mean the difference between winning and losing.


Safety is vital when playing paintball or airsoft. The ammunition in these games (the paint and the pellets) can be rather painful when they strike the skin. So, it's important to wear clothing that will offer you as much protection as possible. Our
U.S. Army Ranger costume offers you some protection in areas you'll need it the most, such as the knees and in the chest. Even though it's recommended that you wear additional layers beneath these costumes, you'll look the part of a great soldier and remain safe.

Do you have a paintball or airsoft game coming up? Be prepared with the right outfit. Visit our
Costume Shop Online shop to see our incredible selection.


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