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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spend Less Than $130 for Your Next Cosplay Costume

Some cosplayers scour the Internet looking for just the right costumes, and they end up paying too much for them.  However, at Moon Costumes, we're delighted to be able to offer our customers a little more "bang for their buck" with our authentic cosplay costumes.  If love cosplay, we encourage you to check out our selection and see for yourself!

Authenticity Is Important

It's important for your costume to be authentic when you attend cosplay events and parties.  Take for example, our Naruto cosplay costume.  Not only is the cloak hand-appliqued, but it also zips closed.  This costume includes many accessories, which are essential for creating that authentic look you need.  You'll find that our Naruto Deluxe Teen costume offers the same type of quality, as well as plenty of accessories.  We agree with you that authenticity is an important factor in putting together a great costume, but we don't think authentic has to mean expensive.  

Excellent Quality for Many Uses

Many of our customers have found such excellent quality in our cosplay costumes that they don't need to buy new ones constantly.  It makes more sense to spend money on a costume that will suit you for a long time.  A costume such as our Rurouni Kenshin costume will serve you well for a few years.  While you might want to add to your costume wardrobe, you can be sure that this one and others like it will last. 

If you're looking for a new 
cosplay costume at a great price, please visit our shop!  You'll find just what you need, and you won't overpay for it.


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