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Thursday, February 7, 2013

History is full of great costumes take a look

What we think of as "costumes" was once the accepted form of attire.  As you glance back through history, each time period boasts a style all its own.  Historical costumes have changed a lot through the years, however, all across the country, historical societies work hard to ensure that the beauty of these costumes is never forgotten.

The Huntington Historical Society

The Huntington Historical Society was founded in 1903.  The costumes consist of items that have been collected over the past 100 years.  Originally, the few items that were donated were purposed for display during Huntington's 250th anniversary celebration.  The collection grew, and today, the community takes advantage of periodic exhibits sponsored by the Society that give people an excellent understanding of what life was like over a hundred years ago.  The items range from hand-stitched pieces to older, everyday attire.

The Costume Society

The Costume Society, which is located in the United Kingdom, is an organization that was created for the sole purpose of promoting the continued study and preservation of both historic and contemporary dress.  The organization offers frequent lectures and other events to encourage members to visit museums and private costume collections from various periods of history.  For The Costume Society, keeping the love of costume alive is vital to understanding your heritage.

At Moon Costumes, we offer you a vast selection of historical costumes to choose from for your next event.  Whether you're looking for a
flapper costume to help you embrace your love of the 20's, or you like to think of yourself as a Greek Goddess, we have the perfect costume for you! 


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