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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Cosplay Costumes from Persona 4

As a part of an incoming cosplay release, we have just added two popular characters from the Persona 4 video game.  Chie Satonaka cosplay and Yukiko Amagi cosplay.  Be sure to check back soon to see all the new video game cosplay costumes!

In the rural town of Inaba, mysterious murders have been taking place, especially after there was a heavy rain or fog.  Adding to the mystery, a strange television channel begins to air at midnight.  The channel is said to show you your soul mate.  

Persona 4 characters Chie and Yosuke attempt to watch the channel and instead witness murder victims in their town.  Later realizing they can phase in and out of their television like a gateway, the heroes being an adventure that takes them through a world of shadows.

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