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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dress As Your Favorite Anime Character for Your Next Cosplay Event

Many fans of anime don't realize that the anime culture didn't begin with shows like Pokemon.  Japanese anime actually started early in the 20th century.  In fact, the very first anime production was a two-minute clip that featured a samurai testing out a new sword on his target.  He ended up being defeated.

Rise of the Anime Culture

Anime is an art form all its own.  It has been very instrumental in exposing people to Japanese culture.  Video games and television shows like Pokemon and Dragonball started in the 1990's, but have grown in popularity, encouraging other anime producers to join in on the anime craze.  It continues to grow and gain followers.

Your Next Cosplay Event

People everywhere are getting ready to attend some of the best cosplay events in the country.  If you've never been to one of these events, where attenders have the opportunity to dress as their favorite anime characters, wearing cosplay costumes, you're missing out on all the fun!  But don't worry.  The New Year brings with it brand new opportunities to choose from some incredible cosplay costumes and portray your favorite anime character for the world to see.

It's all About the Costume

At Moon Costumes, we love helping you come up with cosplay costumes for these awesome conventions.  Whether you want to wear a
Pokemon costume, a Dragonball costume, or portray another anime character all together, we have what you're looking for.

Plan now for your next
cosplay event.  It's never too late to pick out great anime cosplay costumes.  Let Moon Costumes help you make your next event a memorable one. 


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