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Friday, March 23, 2012  0 Comments

WNBA Stars Share their Favorite Childhood Costumes

Although you may not remember most little details about your childhood like where you sat in particular classes, or even most of the things you learned in those particular classes, chances are you do you remember your favorite childhood Halloween or Costume, Party costumes. In fact, many of us can recount what we dressed up as year by year up to our present age and those of us who can’t quite recount things that clearly, can usually at least point out which was our favorite, most memorable costume.

Some of the greatest basketball stars from the WNBA were recently asked to name their favorite Halloween costumes and most had no trouble doing so. Danielle Adams recalled dressing up as the yellow Power Ranger one year as a child and thinking that as soon as she put on the costume that she would have the yellow power ranger’s powers. Other players recalled clown outfits, handmade gorilla suits, Cinderella, and even late 90’s pop sensations like Brittney Spears.

If the old psychology adage is true and we really do remember the events that come with a slew of emotions most easily, this phenomenon certainly speaks volumes for costumes. From the time we are young children, most of us generally come to associate costume wearing with excitement, happiness, and fun.

Fortunately as the popularity of Halloween celebrations, costume parties, and cosplay conventions continues to grow, we now have the opportunity to continue to create the same memorable occasions and life long memories well into our adulthood simply by dressing in costume.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012  0 Comments

38th Annual Comic-Con San Diego Masquerade Now Offering Exciting New Prizes

The 2012 38th annual Comic-Con will be held from July 12th through 15th at the San Diego Convention Center. This year, many costume clad convention goes are going to have the chance to reap some awesome rewards simply by signing up to participate in the convention’s Saturday night Masquerade.

As Comic-Con staff notes, costumes are a vital ingredient of nearly all of the popular arts and an integral part of fan conventions. Although the intrinsic rewards of creating a costume from start to finish are often enough for many cosplayers, being recognized for their talents and efforts never hurts!

Comic-Con’s masquerade will be hosted by master and mistress of ceremonies Phil and Kaja Foglio of Studio Foglio. Along with an expert panel of judges and several exciting sponsors, the dynamic duo will be doling out prizes and medallions. Competitors will be judged in the categories of best in show, judges choice, best re-creation, best workmanship, most beautiful, best young fan, and even best original design. All costume genres are welcome.

A free four day membership to Comic-Con 2013 will be granted to any entrant who wins an award in one of these categories. Other prizes include a crystal trophy and $1,000 cash, special edition comics, limited edition Star Wars collectibles, and gift cards.

If staying behind the scenes and admiring each costume is more your style, there is still plenty of entertainment to be had at the masquerade for you. Comic-Con provides plenty of big screen televisions for masquerade audience members to check out each costume’s details right along with the judges.



Monday, March 19, 2012  0 Comments

WonderCon 2012 offers Another Great Reason to Cosplay and Enjoy!

There really are so many great events for cosplay lovers in California. WonderCon 2012 took place this past weekend and was certainly a blast for everyone who was able to make it out. The event, which is just coming off of their best year ever with 49,000 attendees in its 25th annual San Francisco area event, may have tallied up even more total attendees this year.

This year WonderCon, which is always a weekend long event, was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny Anaheim, California instead of the usual Moscone Center South location successful WonderCons have been held out for the last six consecutive years. When WonderCon staff found out that the Moscone Center South was due for renovations all throughout 2012, they seized the opportunity to hold WonderCon 2012 at a new location with many perks.

Since the Anaheim Convention Center is located within walking distance of Disneyland’s free downtown Disney district, cosplaying fans and their entire families enjoyed hopping back and forth between WonderCon events and Disneyland for an ultimate fantasy weekend getaway, and yes, WonderCon goers were also able to score discounted VIP tickets to all of the other Disneyland theme parks as well!

At the convention center itself, fans were given the opportunity to check out exclusive programming from the top comics publishers in the country, movie and television panels, anime, autographs, games, and more. Many participated in the weekend’s masquerades as well! Aside from WonderCon's great location, warm weather as well as great available accommodations, excellent dining opportunities, and easy transportation all made this event perfect for costume lovers and super fans.



Sunday, March 11, 2012  0 Comments

Tired of Looking for Love in “Alderaan Places?” Check out Philadelphia Wizard World 2012

Philadelphia area cosplay fan? Then, you won’t want to miss the upcoming 2012 Wizard World Convention. This is no small event! Wizard World attracts tens of thousands of each year, and this year is expected to be bigger than ever! The four-day event is brought to us by the group whose Comics Cons are the favorites among many fans costume enthusiasts, and cosplayers.

The convention celebrates the best of pop culture including movies, comics, toys, video gaming, games, TV, horror, original art, collectibles, anime, manga, MMA and more. This is one Comic Con that truly has something for everyone! Fans will have the chance to catch a glimpse of hundreds of special guests and famous faces both in and out of costume at the event, participate in panels, and even possibly snag a few autographs. Tickets are still available for the event which will take place between Thursday May 31st and Sunday June 3rd!

What’s more? The innovative folks at Wizard World are even bringing something new to the mix this year. Comic Con Speed Dating will take place as well at this year’s convention. That’s right, love will be in the air at this May’s big event! Comic Con has always been a great place to mingle with kindred spirits but now, sci-fi and costume loving singles will have an excellent chance to meet even more new people and possibly spark up a little something more.

The Wizard World Website says it best, “If you are tired of looking for love in Alderaan places, if you want to terminate your single life, and if you are looking for something that you’re comic collection will actually impress, then sign up!”

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Thursday, March 8, 2012  0 Comments

Smiling Faces Young and Old Spotted at the Fifth Annual Philippines Cosplay Convention

The fifth annual cosplay convention took place in Malate, Manila in the Philippines last Saturday. Nearly two hundred cosplay and costume enthusiasts of all ages gathered in the mall center to mix, mingle, and show off their best poses and gear.

Attendees of the event recounted the admirable stares they received while headed along Pedro Gil, Padre Faura, and M. Adriatico Streets on their way to the main event. Many passer buys asked to pose and have their pictures taken with the fans who were elaborately decked out in costume.

Creativity was certainly on display last Saturday in this unique setting for a cosplay convention. Perhaps the public nature of the event’s location will inspire more fans young and old to dress up for the convention next year.

In the crowd onlookers could spot Black Heart of Ghost Rider, Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy, and the female protagonists from Hell Girl, Black Rock Shooter, and Vampire Knight, among many others. Special guest Nico Leo Arenzen (aka Nico Fresh) who guest stars on GMA Network’s “Walang Tulugan” came dressed as Star Eclipse of the RF Online computer game, a costume which he admits took him four months working three hours per day to complete.

At this year’s convention, many fans tried to tackle difficult costumes to show their dedication while others simply dressed up in easier, more casual costumes in order to focus on simply enjoying the celebration. Many of the costume accessories and faux weapons that could be seen in the mall center were notably elaborate.

Thanks to the media, and perhaps to the more public events like this one, cosplay is picking up more and more fans both in the Philippines and around the world.

Monday, March 5, 2012  0 Comments

Wig Application for Cosplayers

For those of us with long or thick hair who also love to act, cosplay, or dress in costume for any reason, pinning hair up flat enough against the top of the head securely is a must when it comes to finishing an overall look that also has staying power. A hair piece or costume accessory that is awkwardly lumpy as well as one that constantly runs the risk of falling off at any given moment during a performance or party can be frustrating.

For both men and women with long hair, properly applying a wig to finish a great costume can seem downright impossible. The task of applying a “skin head cap” to create a convincing appearance of baldness can be even trickier, but while affixing a wig securely to your head without sacrificing your long locks may be tough, it actually isn’t impossible. In order to complete the task, costume experts recommend arming yourself with a comb, a package of bobby pins or hair pins, a wig cap, as well as the wig or head accessory of your choice.

Next, you’ll need to master the art of braiding or pin-curling your hair. Both braids and pin curls can your hair up while providing an anchor for your wig. When using the braiding method, be sure to create a few braids to avoid having one big lump under your wig. Coil each braid tightly and pin it against your scalp using U-shaped hairpins. If you’ll be putting your hair up and applying your wig yourself during the day of a big event, just be sure to practice pining up your curly-cued swaths of hair or braids a few times before hand to get the hang of it.

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