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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What’s Halloween without Some Gore?

What’s Halloween without Some Gore?

Everyone looks forward to Halloween, whether you're young or old.  After all, it's the one night out of the year when you can dress up as your favorite scary character.  So this year, when you venture out for a night of terrifying fun, be sure your costume takes the cake by paying attention to the key details of what makes a great gory costume.

Tricks to "Scarify" Your Costume

A few costume accessories can be the difference between a costume that's just ho-hum and one that will get some big reactions from friends.  For example, consider taking your
zombie get-up to a new level with a great makeup job.  You can even come up with a character that's completely original by using a disgusting gash on your face.  Let your imagination run wild a little bit this year and see what you can come up with that will help your costume stand out from the crowd.

Be a Little Shocking

Halloween is the one night of the year when the rulebook gets tossed out the window.  So, this year feel free to let your defenses down and do what you want to do with your costume.  Why not try some
body paint or body glitter to create a unique look?  Even if you're normally a shy person, with a creative costume you can show a side of your personality that most people never get to see.

Great costumes are created by paying attention to the little
details that make them interesting.  With the right costume accessories, you'll create a one-of-a-kind costume that people won't stop talking about all night long.


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