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Friday, September 14, 2012

Dragon Ball Z One of the Most Successful Anime and Manga Series of All Time

Dragon Ball was originally inspired by Journey To The West, a classical Chinese novel.  The ending of Dragon Ball spawned a spinoff--Dragon Ball Z.  The original Dragon Ball follows the main character, Goku, through his childhood and into early adulthood.  Dragon Ball Z picks up where the original series left off.  It features Goku battling villains of all kinds.  From super-powerful androids to almost indestructible magical creatures, Goku defends the earth against evil.  Dragon Ball Z also gives the viewer a glimpse into the life and maturation of Goku's son Gohan. 

Cartoon Network included Dragon Ball Z as a part of it's Toonami cartoon lineup in 1998, calling it "the greatest action cartoon ever made".  Not only did the show's popularity soar, but it also paved the way for anime cartoons in the future.

Dragon Ball Z In Cosplay

It's no secret that the characters from
Dragon Ball Z have been popular for cosplay costumes for years.  The characters are vivid, colorful and fun!  If you want to get in on the action for your next cosplay convention or we have exactly what you're looking for.  And if you've grown to love Dragon Ball Z as much as we have, you'll need one of our authentic-looking cosplay costumes to be sure you pay this much-loved anime show the homage it's due.

Moon costumes is dedicated to your satisfaction as a customer.  That's why we go above and beyond in our cosplay costumes designs to only bring you the very best.  Be sure to check out our great selection of Dragon Ball Z cosplay costumes and you'll be a guaranteed hit! 

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