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Monday, August 27, 2012

Popular Places to Cosplay and Why Do It

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Cosplay is a fun way to get out of your shell, while meeting hundreds of different people in a unique setting. Cosplay consists of dressing up as a character from a video game, anime, or popular show and personifying them. Some of the best cosplayers act more like their character than physically resembling them!

Combine acting, personality, and craft to master the art of cosplay. Your costume emulates what the character wears-- most cosplayers are compelled in their search for the perfect
cosplay costume, even down to the shade of blue or green on the buttons! Try to imagine Batman wearing a red suit with a blue cape instead of his midnight black silhouette he is infamous for. Your cosplay just isn't the same if your colors are off!

Acting like the character you want to cosplay is as simple as observing them in action! If it's an anime character, read up on the manga until you've gotten to know them like a friend. This is where the acting skill comes in: making the right choices in movements and speech can make or break your presentation of your cosplay. A costume can be impressive, but do you move like them? Try to strike a balance.

You're well equipped with a stunningly accurate costume that looks flawless. You've studied up on your character and have your script memorized to knock the socks off your audience. Wait, where is your audience? Where do you show off your new cosplay attire?

Conventions are by far the most popular place to display and relate to the general public. There are a few different types of conventions you can cosplay, and depending on your location you can visit any or all of these events:

PAX East in Boston
Sakura-Con in Seattle
Comic-Con in San Diego
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