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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Get Ready for APE in San Francisco on October 13th and 14th

In 2011, The Alternative Press Expo (APE) enjoyed the best year ever.  Boasting over 5,500 attendees, APE featured the very best in comic art from top publishers and artists from all over the country.  And this year, they intend to top that!  San Francisco won't know what hit it this October.

This year marks the nineteenth year APE has graced the Bay area with its presence.  As always, attendees can expect a full schedule, including workshops and events featuring a variety of special guests.  

Anyone who attends APE or any one of Comic-Con's conventions each year is in for a treat.  A vast array of some of the culture's best costumes is on display.  Each year, those in attendance wow the media as well as their peers with their beautiful costumes.  And if you're planning on attending APE this year, regardless of what you choose, you'll fit right in!

When choosing a costume, "professional" cosplayers offer the following advice:

Choose a costume you will be comfortable in for the duration of the event.
• Pay close attention to details.  These make the costume!
• Use your personality to bring your costume to life at every event you attend.
• Don't be afraid to think "out of the box" when planning your costume.
• Above all...Have a great time!

APE is one of those conventions you'll regret missing.  Year after year, APE brings comics appreciation to a new level and you've got to be a part of it!  Get your tickets soon because APE sells out fast.  You'll have an amazing time and you'll get to be a part of comic history too!

Some of our most popular costumes for events such as these are our Full Metal Alchemist and Assassins Creed costumes. Make sure to check out our full selection of adult cosplay costumes before you book your APE tickets.


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