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Monday, August 13, 2012

Become a Celebrity at Your Next Convention like Kit Quinn

Whether you are an avid cosplayer or you like to check out the cosplay news and see what fun and interesting things people are coming up with, you probably know all about Kit Quinn.

Kit Quinn takes the art of cosplay to the next level.  She has become so popular in her designs and variety of adult costumes she portrays, she has created a sort of cult following.  In fact, there are cosplayers out there who cosplay Kit Quinn herself.

Kit has become an icon in the cosplay world.  In an interview with Comics Online, Kit offered a few tips for anyone who was interested in following in her footsteps.

Meet New People
Everyone who is at that upcoming convention is a potential friend.  You're going to be there for the same reason, so you already have a bond!  Be ready to make some fast friends.

Character Choice
Choose your character based on your personality.  Whether or not you intend to impersonate your character is up to you, but you want to be sure you can be comfortable.  

Be Ready
When attending conventions, be sure to bring along safety pins, tape, and anything else you think you might need in order to do a quick repair of your costume.  Being prepared for the inevitable is very important.

One of the best things about Kit Quinn's costumes is the fact that she takes time to make her costume look authentic.  Her popularity has grown by leaps and bounds and she owes it all to cosplay, and her creative spirit. You can read more about Kit Quinn in this online article. Not everyone is crafty like Kit Quinn, but you can have a great costume for your next convention that expresses the real you. At Moon Costumes not only do we have a wide selection of terrific adult cosplay costumes, but we specialize in custom costumes and accessories too.

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