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Monday, July 30, 2012

Three Great Reasons to buy your Child their Very own Cars Costume

The Disney Cars feature computer animated films kids (and grown-ups) of all ages!

Watching each of the Cars films over and over again might be enjoyable for your little one, but If you want to help him or her get moving and away from the television for a while still being able to enjoy some Cars action, finding the perfect Cars themed costume is a fun idea.  Your little one will have several reasons to wear his fun costume.  Consider the following:  

Halloween – Whether child wants to portray the famous Lightening McQueen, Mater, or another Cars character now, he or she can use the costume as a go-to for this Halloween saving you a bit of time and money.   

Birthday Parties – Themed birthday parties are an age old idea, but really getting into the theme by dressing up makes them even more fun.  Why not invite your child’s friends to dress up as their favorite Cars character this year! 

Trip to the New Disney Cars Theme Park – What could be more fun for your child than becoming fully immersed into the Cars world? If you’re taking your child for a trip to the new Disney Cars theme park this season, why not help your child feel just he or she is completely immersed in the action.  Allowing your child to wear a Cars costume to the park will help create a super fun alternate reality. 

You can find the costume and costume accessories you’re looking for at moon costumes where we have fun movie themed costumes in kids and adult sizes alike! 


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